Friday, May 28, 2010

Extravagant Love

Our oldest daughter Kaitlin has either outgrown or worn through the majority of the clothes in her closet. While the rest of the country is enjoying warm spring weather, Newberg has been cloaked in rainy, gray and somewhat chilly weather for almost the entire month of May. I keep thinking the kids can make their winter clothes last until we pull the summer stuff out, but so far it hasn't happened.

When Kaitlin got on the bus this week with holes in both knees of her jeans, a T-shirt that Paige (her 4-year-old sister) has taken to borrowing because it actually fits Paige, and shoes with holes in each toe, I figured it was time to move "shop for clothes for Kaitlin" up the priority list a bit. I didn't have a huge budget nor did I think I'd be able to find jeans and long-sleeved t-shirts when every store is selling shorts and tank tops, but on a whim I stopped at Old Navy while I was grocery shopping.

Wouldn't you know, they had an additional 50% off all their clearance items and can you guess what they were clearancing out? Everything Kaitlin needed. I couldn't believe it. I took my pile of treasures and my $10 off coupon to the register with a huge smile on my face. The cashier scanned seven long-sleeved shirts, two pairs of Converse knock-off tennis shoes, a pair of jeans, and my coupon then asked me for $27! I was so certain the amount was wrong that I pulled over and double-checked the receipt to make sure she charged me for everything, but the receipt was correct.

I raced home unloaded the van and pulled Kaitlin aside to show her the treasure trove. Her face lit up as I pulled one thing after another out of the bag and told her it was all for her. It gave me a tremendous amount of joy to shower her with things she needs and has waited patiently for without complaining.

Now that she's asleep (in one of her new shirts), I'm reveling in the extravagant love of my Father God. I mean really, it's just humbling and absurd that the God who made the universe cares enough about me and my precious daughter to lead me to the one store in Portland still selling winter clothes and bless Kaitlin with just what she needs for a price that completely blessed me. I have always appreciated the big things God does in my life, but it's the little details like tonight that I often feel most loved. Thanks God for your extravagant and intimate love!

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