Monday, May 10, 2010

The Best Mother's Day Ever

Yesterday as I stretched, tried to wipe the cobwebs from my brain and get out of bed, I got that strange excitement that comes over you on a special day like your birthday or the first day of vacation. It finally dawned on me as I was crawling out of bed that it was Mother's Day. I had barely cracked the bedroom door open when I heard the thundering of four sets of not-so-tiny feet tearing across the wood floor. Within seconds four blonde bed-heads in jammies came tearing around the corner and I braced myself for the attack. A huge hug from Grant. Then Kaitlin, and Alli and Paige. They assaulted me with love and as I struggled to wrap my arms around them all, I realized just how much my cup overflows with abundant joy. Am I really blessed enough to mother these four precious treasures, each unique in their giftings, talents, emotions and approach to life? Did God seriously entrust them to me? I was blown away.

Curt was at the stove preparing sausage, egg and cheese croissant sandwiches (per the kids' suggestion) and he quickly poured me a huge cup of coffee. Each child proudly presented me with a hand-made card or craft. Grant's was a fill-in-the-blank template that he made at school. In his newly perfected cursive writing he wrote, "I love you because... of all you do and how much you care for me. The funniest thing I remember about my mom is... she would not do legos no matter how hard I tried. (In my defense, I will play Legos, but I get laughed out of the house because nothing I build resembles anything recognizable.) The most special gift I could give my Mom would be... a massage at The Allison. My mom loves me best when... my room isn't a pig sty. (This made me laugh out loud because he totally pegged me. Unlike his clutter-resistant Mom, Grant is the King of Clutter Land.) My Mom looks prettiest when....she wears her black sweater, skinny jeans and black boots. Dear Mom, Thank you for all you do. You wash my dishes, you do my laundry, and feed me. You are the mom of all moms. I love you so much mom. You are the best. Love Grant." Can you say melt my heart?!?!

Katie's card was a poster board beautifully drawn and colored. On the reverse side, the word "MOTHER" was written with a line for each letter. Kaitlin filled it in as follows (spelling intentionally not corrected): "Maneging the house. Only one you. Tickling torcher. Happy hugs. Everything I've ever wanted. Responsible for kids. Love, Kaitlin." Tickling "torcher" made me laugh and "everything I've ever wanted" brought tears of joy.

Alli, who is much like me in so many ways, got off the bus on Friday and instantly started digging in her back pack. Before I even gave her a welcome home hug, she was presenting me with a wrapped Mother's Day gift from school. She insisted I open it before we even made it home. It was a cute little poster with her handprints painted on it. She had also meticulously colored a picture of a dog and then perfectly cut it out. For someone who likes to do things fast and sloppy, this was a true act of love on her part. Apparently she felt she needed something to give me on Mother's Day too, so she gave me a picture with the cutest and happiest mom face on it. The face was labeled "You" (which made me die laughing) and she wrote: "I love you. Happ Mom day love Alli."

Paige, who is a ridiculously excellent color-er, has just entered the world of drawing. She presented me with a piece of copy paper with lots of pictures on it. I mistakenly identified the flower with a face as "me?" but she quickly corrected me. It reminded me to ask, "Will you tell me about it?" so as to avoid incorrectly identifying the remaining drawings. On the back she dictated to Curt: "Dear Mommy. I hope you have a fun Mom Day. You are a great Mommy. And that's all."

We dashed off to church and enjoyed an amazing time of worship and teaching. Came home to meet my Mom and her husband Terry for an afternoon at the ocean. They gave me a pot of daisies and my Mom, through tears, told me of a tradition she had with her mom. They gave each other daisies on special occasions and it started when my mom got sick in high school. Now that my Grandma graduated to heaven, my Mom gave me a pot of daisies instead. It was such a tender moment and when I look at my happy yellow daisies I think of both my amazing mom and my grandma.

We took them to Pacific City and instead of going to the state park we typically go to, we hit a more populated section of the beach. It was at the base of the cape and a huge sand mountain. We all took turns climbing slowly to the top of the huge sand pile and soaking in the view from the top. Even Paigey made it to the top. We say often, "Slow and steady wins the race" and she tackled that hill one little footstep at a time. Grant ran up and down it several times, often taking Dusty our dog with him. I think they both thought they were in paradise.

The tide was out opening up some beautiful tide pools for our exploration. We saw star fish, crab, a fish, two hermit crabs, and tons of sea anemones. The kids thought it was hilarious to push on the anemones and watch them squirt sea water and then close up. The weather was beautiful and none of us wanted to leave. We got home late and ate marinated steak (Curt's speciality) hot off the grill at 8:00 p.m. on a school night. The kids kept asking, "Is this the best mother's day ever, Mom?" and I had to agree that it was.

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