Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Easter 2010

I'm killing time, waiting for the washing machine cycle to end so I can switch the clothes and go to bed. Curt just stopped by the computer and asked, "When are you going to blog about Easter?" I gave him a really blank stare and realized I never did blog about Easter. Oh the horror...

Easter weekend was wonderful, family-oriented, and so relaxing. I just have to throw it out there - I can't stand dying Easter eggs. Even as a kid, I really didn't like it and as an adult I think I dislike it even more. I have no idea where the tradition came from or why we do it which makes it even more annoying. HOWEVER, I have four children who like to dye eggs AND carve pumpkins and while I would do it with them as an act of love, I defer to Curt who actually enjoys both tasks. I boiled the eggs and then sat at the counter filling in immunization records in baby books while the kids and Daddy took great pleasure in carefully coloring eggs. I did participate in taking pictures and made sure each participant, Curt included, knew how beautiful their eggs looked.

We threw together a delicious meal of piping hot stromboli (which to me is the exact same thing as calzone, but with a different name) but had to leave it steaming on the counter to make it to church on time. It was slightly odd to attend church on Saturday night, given that according to the Biblical time line Jesus was still dead in the tomb while we were celebrating his resurrection. But we enjoyed going to Solid Rock's downtown campus and freeing up our Easter morning to hang as a family in our jammies without the pressure of an agenda.

After we put the kids to bed, I dug out the "Seasonal" bin from the storage area to find the kids' Easter baskets. While I filled them with candy, Curt filled plastic eggs with bubble gum. I saw in the paper that Michelle Obama was encouraging parents to not buy candy this year, but come on. What's Easter without those nasty Peeps marshmallows and tons of Reeses' Peanut Butter eggs? Once the baskets and eggs were full, Curt set to work hiding them. If I was in charge of hiding the baskets, there would be one on top of the kitchen table, one on the kitchen counter, one on the dining room table and one in the middle of the family room floor which is why Curt does the hiding. He was like a little kid dashing around the house trying to find the perfect spots to hide the baskets. (I, however, did hide Curt's basket. On the kitchen counter.)

The kids woke us up Easter morning and were ready to search for their baskets and do the egg hunt, but we sat down at the table as a family first and read from the Bible the story of Jesus' resurrection. "Why do you look for the living among the dead? He is not here. He is risen!" When we finished celebrating Jesus' victory over death and Satan, we released the hounds to search for eggs and baskets. The kids gave up on finding their baskets after about five minutes, so Curt made up a riddle that had a clue to each one of their baskets. It was very clever and he made it up on the spot. I was so impressed. Eventually, all four baskets were found and the kids dug into their candy. The Easter Bunny didn't bring me a basket, but I did buy myself an entire pack of Reese's eggs to eat by myself with no sharing. As my Dad once said and has never lived down, "I predetermined in my mind that I'm not going to share."

Which leads me to the rest of the day. My Dad and his wife Marcy came for the day from Bend. They arrived around 10:30 a.m. and we spent the entire day together just being a family. We made a nice meal and I even set a fancy table complete with my china and silver flatware. We enjoyed adult conversation and also time with the kids. It was a lovely mix of family and fun and we enjoyed every minute. My Dad, who is always on time, even left 40 minutes later than scheduled which I considered a big compliment. (Thanks Dad!)

So that was our Easter. Fun, faith, family. How was yours?

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