Sunday, March 14, 2010

Why Your Kids Should Go to Solid Rock

At Solid Rock, our church, all the different kids classes teach the same Bible story in an age appropriate way which I think is really cool. So even though our four kids are dispersed between three different classes, they're all studying the same Bible story.

In the car on the way home from church tonight, we asked the kids what story the studied. They all started talking over each other so we had to get their attention and set up a plan to let them each tell a part of the story. Here is my recollection of their story telling extravaganza.

Grant: "Well it was about role models and we learned about Eli-jelly-jah and Eli-sugar-sha. (Pause to giggle at the add-ins to Elijah and Elisha's name that they got from their super fun college-aged teacher.) Just like the Jeddi taught the FILL-IN-THE-BLANK-WITH-THE-WORD-THAT-STARTS-WITH-P-FOR-THE-STAR-WARS-ILLITERATE-PEOPLE-LIKE-GRANT'S-MOMMY-WHO-DON'T-KNOW-WHO-THE-JEDDI-TAUGHT, Elijah taught Elisha all he knew about God."

Katie interrupts to say: "Eli-jelly-jah was a VERY old man and he was going to die so he went around telling all his friends goodbye and that he'd miss them. And Eli-sugar-sha followed him around the whole time." Katie goes on to explain about Elijah's coat that had power from God and that Elisha wanted it passed on to him as the next leader of Israel with Elijah died.

Paige interrupts and starts going on and on and on with great excitement about her version of the story. She's trying so hard to differentiate between Elijah and Elisha but she physically can't say "Elisha" - it keeps coming out "Eli-JAH" with a huge emphasis on the "jah." Curt and I are doubled over in silent laughter while she prattles on and on about the two men who she is calling "Elijah." She finally gets to the point where God comes down from heaven in a mighty storm and a fiery chariot to whisk Elijah straight to heaven without dying and she describes the "tornodah, I mean tornadah that comed and got him."

Alli can't stand waiting any longer and bursts in with, "It was a tornado (pronounced correctly) and a fiery cherry-nut (charriot)."

Grant gets fed up with his sisters botching the story and says, "Excuse me, may I interrupt? Let me recap the story please," and proceeds to start from the beginning of the story that Alli just ended.

Katie lets Grant finish and then summarizes her takeaway for the night as we're pulling into the driveway: "That Eli-jelly-jah was a good roll modder, I mean roll modder, I mean roll MODEL (very slowly) to Eli-sugar-sha and that she should be a good roll modder, I mean roll rodder, etc. (until pronounced correctly) to Paige her little sister."

And that my friends, is why you should bring your children to Solid Rock.

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