Monday, March 8, 2010

Grant's Story - Wendall and Floyd's Secret Shortcut

So my son Grant, who is eight and in 3rd grade, had a creative writing assignment. His story made me laugh because it was really descriptive and he made his characters tackle every imaginable obstacle. With his permission to reprint, I've posted his unedited story below. Enjoy.

"Wendall and Floyd's Secret Shortcut

It was an ordinary day for Wendall and Floyd, but they had no idea what adventures would happen that morning.

Floyd showed up so early that Wendall was still in his pajamas (it was 5:00 a.m.) and he was nearly awake. So Wendall quickly got dressed and was ready in 15 minutes. Then Wendall said, "We can take a secret shortcut to school."

When they had just climbed over the fence, they heard a ear piercing noise and turned around and saw a gigantic volcano! It was erupting. Wendall and Floyd scurried to safety. Red hot lava was everywhere, it was nearly burning their shoes!

As they continued on their adventure, they came across a deep, rocky gorge. They were carefully crossing the bridge when Wendall slipped and Floyd quickly grabbed Wendall's foot. They fell down..down...down to the bottom of the gorge.

They fell straight into a river of man-eating crocodiles! The river was a white-water river, they were getting sucked down. They were swimming as hard as they could. Wendall and Floyd didn't know they were getting sucked into a whirlpool.

They popped straight into the forest of poky bushes. There they met a horrible 11-foot bear. Floyd got poked four times and Wendall two. They ate berries and picked acorns for a while.

As they continued on their adventure they came to Mt. Everest. They had to battle howling winds and freezing temperatures. The climb to the top took one hour.

Then they slipped and slid on a giant mudslide. Next, they stood on some nearby branches like a surfboard and slid down. On the way they got very muddy.

When they got to the bottom they realized they were in a hot (140F) desert. They explored and dodged tumbleweeds and looked at cactus's. But sunk into a bunch of quicksand. They fought as hard as they could, but sunk into the quicksand.

They found that they were in an underground tunnel. Wendall and Floyd had to battle millions of termites that bite very hard. It took 30 minutes to come to a small clearing in the tunnel. Wendall saw a vine coming through the ceiling so they climbed out.

They found themselves in a horrible jungle. They climbed trees and played with monkeys, but a lion tried to eat them. There was a nice monkey that showed them the way out of the jungle. The monkey's name was jorge he was a uakari monkey.

They went out of the jungle and heard a school bell ring "hurry up" said Floyd "that was the first bell". They made it just as the last bell rang. Although it was quite awhile until they were late for school again they never really did find a great shortcut."

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