Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Olympics from a 3-year-old Perspective (and other fun kid stuff)

We've been taping the Olympics and letting the kids watch some each morning before school. Yesterday after the big kids left, Paige and I were snuggled in the big cozy chair watching mens figure skating. She pointed to the ice arena and said in awe, "Mom, did you know if you skate there you get a teddy bear?" When I confirmed my amazement at this fact, she continued. "Mom, when I grow up, I still want to be a cowgirl. But when I grow up again after that, I want to be a skater and do fancy tricks and skate there (pointing to the TV screen) because then I'll get a teddy bear."

Later that day, we were driving by the golf course with the car windows DOWN on February 19th!!!!! It was 62 degrees outside, blue skies, bright sun, and the grass had just been cut. Alli, who is 5, exhaled loudly and relaxed into her seat contentedly. She sighed and said, "This is the BEST day of my life. I finally got to show and tell at school. There was a birthday at school so we all got treats. It's a beautiful weather day and I can smell grass." I couldn't agree more!

Kaitlin, who is 7, saw an LA Fitness when we were in Seattle last weekend. On our drive home, we passed another one in Portland. She pointed it out to the family and said, "Look. They have laFitness (as in lah) in Portland too!"

Grant, age 8, is all about Shaun White the Olympic snowboarder. He's always liked him but seeing him on the big screen has inspired lots of "tricks" - jumping and spinning and landing with a thud. In the family room. In the kitchen. In the aisles at Target. And this morning in his room which is directly above our bedroom. At 7 a.m. On the our sleep-in morning. We were convinced a herd of elephants was invading from Africa. Watch out world. Here comes the Flying Banana.

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