Monday, February 8, 2010

An Answer

Today my good friend Melanie posted this update on the Friends of David page. "Remains believed to be that of our dear friend, David Adam Hames, have been recovered from the Hotel Montana and are in the custody of the U.S. government, waiting to be transferred to Dover (DE) for final forensic examination. We don't know how long his final examination will take nor how long it will take the military to transport the remains to Dover due to the snowstorm on the East Coast. I will post again when Renee receives the results of this examination. Thank you for your continued prayers and support." After weeks of waiting and praying and hoping and beginning the grief process, we all have an answer. As one of David's friends so eloquently put it, "body broken, spirit free."

We told the kids tonight. Grant, who was in the middle of getting his homework finished, stopped dead in his tracks with a look of shock and said, "Ah Mom. That's really sad," then after a long pause, "Will you sign my homework?" Katie got quiet, a little weepy and headed to her room to process with Daddy. Paige, who didn't seem to get it at all prayed again at bedtime for the "rescuers to find David." When I explained that they had found him and he was in heaven, she got really mad. "But I told God to find him not dead." Alli was the toughest for me. When I told her that David was in heaven, her face said it all. Total shock, anger and sadness. Her thought process was a lot like Paige's. "But we asked God to find him before he died. Not after." And then the tears came. Big, wet tears. She cried first for Aiden and Zander because "they'll be sad without their daddy." Then she cried for Renee' because "she'll be sad without her husband." Then came the tears for her friends, Kiki and Karly and Mr. Jon and Miss Melanie because, "He wasn't just their friend Mom. He was Uncle David." And then tears for herself because there would be no more episodes of Cranium's Ark for her to watch. We sat and held each other and cried for a man we never met but who deeply touched our lives and our hearts. Whew. Thank God for smeary mascara to provide some comic relief!

So we have an answer and it will take a while to process, but I'm so thankful for the comfort and hope that heaven offers and for my Savior and David's Savior, Jesus Christ, who extends to me eternal life free from pain and sorrow. I can't wait to meet you some day David!

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