Thursday, January 7, 2010

Who Says the Bible is Boring?

So we're one week into our Read Through the Bible in a Year and so far we're still on track. Yesterday's reading had quite a bit of genealogies in it, which I skipped through, with the exception of laughing at the name "Nimrod." Good thing he was a "mighty hunter," cause with a name like that, he'd have to be mighty. Kind of like a boy named Sue, but I digress. I was curious to see if Grant (our 8 year old) thought it was as boring as I did, so I asked him what he thought about the reading. Here's how our conversation went:

G: "Well, I thought it was kind of boring."
Me: "Me too. All those list of family names. I always skip through those."
G: "Oh, I thought that was cool. I was talking about all the adultery stuff. That's all it talked about."
Me: (trying not to laugh), "Oh. That's right. We read Proverbs 6 where it talks a lot about avoiding adultery."
G: "Not just Proverbs. Jesus talked about it too in Matthew 6. It was on everything I read and it's SOOOOO boring. I hope tomorrow will be better."

Well, today he'll have to read Proverbs 7 which is all about avoiding adultery, but it also has some cool battle stories in Genesis. I've been following Jesus for most of my life and have read the Bible through many times, but today I read a Bible story that I have no recollection of ever hearing before. Did you know that Abraham, along with 318 of his family members, singlehandedly routed five evil kings that had just taken over four cities, including the one Lot (Abraham's nephew) lived in? What a stud. And why didn't I know that story? Read Genesis 14 for the full story.

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