Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Of First Ladies, Separation and Jerry Springer

Last week, Katie (7 years) came home from school and was excited to tell me about what she learned in history. She confidently started out, "Mom, Eleanor Roosevelt was the first lady to..." Enter long pause followed by confused and quizzical expression before she continued, "to live after Eve?" I could tell she knew it wasn't right, so I said, "Well, that isn't right but I'm sure she was first at something. Should we google it and see what we find?" Up we go to the computer, click on a Wikpedia a link that starts off, "Eleanor Roosevelt was the First Lady..." at which point the light bulb goes off in my head. DUH! And thus began a little lesson on titles like Queen, Princess, and First Lady.

We asked Grant if he found anything interesting in his Bible study for the day. He thought about it for a while and then said, "Well, we studied Martin Luther King Junior at school today and how he didn't like that the white kids and the black kids were being separated into separate groups. Then I read in Genesis that Jacob separated his flocks into groups of white, black and spotted." Curt and I kind of giggled quietly. Not the most profound discovery, but definitely a parallel we never would have pulled.

Reading through the Old Testament is a bit like watching Jerry Springer. There's polygamy. Sibling rivalry. Blatant lies. Murder plots. Dysfunctional families. Escape attempts. Inbreeding. Intense jealousy. Mass slaughtering of human beings and much more exciting things too. I almost wonder why I'm letting my kid read this stuff. It blows my mind that God looked on this group of crazy, evil people and hand picked them to be His prize possession. That He loved them, in spite of their filth, baggage and fickleness. That He saw potential and value in them. That He created them in His image with a specific purpose in mind for each one. And I can't help but think that when He looks at my world and more specifically me, He says the same thing. Who loves like that?!?!

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