Saturday, January 23, 2010

Nearing the End

Today is the 11th day since the fateful earthquake in Haiti. Eleven days that David Hames has been buried in darkness, entombed in the hell that once was Hotel Montana. And yet, those who love him cling to a glimmer of hope. Earlier today, what's left of the Haitian government declared an end to the search and rescue phase and ushered in the start of recovery and rebuilding phase. But a 24-year-old Haitian had something to say about ending the search and rescue. A few hours ago, I watched him be pulled from the rubble of a hotel in Port au Prince, alive and in good condition! The fact that he could live for 11 days buried alive is completely miraculous and his rescue offers hope to hundreds of families united in a strange mix of desperation, faith and hope as they wait for news of their loved ones' fate.

Those who love David Hames and those who have never met him (like me) but have had the privilege of joining his family and friends on their incredible journey are clinging to this last glimmer of hope. His "Friends of David" facebook page is alive with prayer, Bible verses of hope, and lyrics of song that minister to the deepest recesses of our tattered emotions.

As I grapple with the truth I know intellectually and the emotions I feel, I've been compelled to write down what I know to be true. I know:
  • The God I serve, worship and gave my life to is mighty to save.
  • He can move that rubble with one exhale of His breath.
  • He IS love.
  • I am His prized creation, formed in His image, created for relationship with Him and chosen by Him to fulfill a purpose that He calls me to.
  • God is moved by the prayers of His people.
  • His heart breaks alongside ours.
  • He doesn't have to answer my prayer in the way I want Him to. While I am begging for Him to preserve David's life and have great faith and hope that He can do just that, I also know He can choose to lovingly say, "I'm sorry Jodi. I have greater plans that you know nothing of." And that possibility leaves me heartbroken. It would be a hard reality to swallow.
Romans 8:28 says, "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose." No matter what the outcome, I can trust that God's plan is greater than mine and that He will bring good from this tragedy. And for now, I place my up and down, roller coaster emotions on that truth.

As I read my Bible today, God spoke to me through His word. First in Genesis 45 (verses 5 and 8) when Joseph reveals himself to his brothers who years earlier had plotted to kill him, but instead opted to sell him into slavery and fake his death. He tells them through sobs, "And now, do not be distressed and do not be angry with yourselves for selling me here, because it was to save lives that God sent me ahead of you. So then, it was not you who sent me here, but God." And it made me wonder aloud, "I wonder if we will be saying something similar in a few years?" When God's greater plan begins to unfold, when He begins to bring good from what Satan intended for evil, will we marvel at how He stitched together the rubble, the broken lives, the hurt and the pain into something beautiful?

The Psalm of the day is Psalm 23. After having spent eight weeks breaking this Psalm down this fall, the familiarity of re-reading it felt like a cozy pair of sweat pants. And as I read "I will fear no evil for You are with me," I prayed that for David. As I finished this Psalm, a beautiful song came across the iPod. Written by Josh White and recorded by Telecast, it beautifully captured all the thoughts and emotions swirling around inside me.

No matter what this day will bring,
I will lift my hands and sing, "Be my everything."
I'll make my life an offering. In you alone, I believe.
Be my everything. My everything.

When the world comes crashing down around my feet
And I can't see ten feet in front of me.
Jesus, I know that You are strong when I am weak
So please help me allow You to be, my everything.

There are times when it seems as though You're far away.
But I will hope in You for this is the day that You have made.
And thank you Jesus for this blessed gift of Your grace,
For helping me to see my need for You to be, My everything.

The Hotel Montana site is buzzing right now. The US Air Force is there, the US Ambassador, a Congresswoman, and teams of rescue workers. They are putting up lights and generators right now and appear to be preparing to work all night to find survivors. The rescue teams are in the lobby and getting close to the area where David was last seen. It appears that we're nearing the end of this heart-wrenching wait and will hopefully have news soon. So Jesus, no matter what this day may bring, I will lift my hands and sing, "Be my everything. My everything."


  1. Oh, Jodi. Thank you for your beautiful post. No matter what this day may bring, we will continue to trust in Him.

  2. Thank you Jodi for this beautiful post. You have so eloquently revealed the timber of emotions and thoughts running through me these last 11 days. God will still be God and I will continue to trust in Him. From what I have heard about David I believe he trusts also in God's purpose in this.

  3. Jodi, Melanie shared your blog post with me and it had brought me to tears (yet again). Thank you for your beautiful words of hope and redemption and for putting in words so beautifully that no matter what, God is still our awesome God. ~Michele