Thursday, January 14, 2010

Muddle Puddles and Such

My family makes me laugh EVERY day. Here are some cute things they've said lately.

Grant (8 years) to me while we were discussing the day's Bible reading, "Mom, Stop. Don't ruin it. I've only read to chapter 25."

Alli (5 years) is learning to read. One of her books has the word "chipmunk" and it was like an America's Funniest Video episode to watch her try to pronounce it. The closest we got was "chickpunk." Her pronunciation of swimming ("schwimming") always gets me too. We watch our friend's baby every Wednesday afternoon so she can volunteer at school. Alli has been BEGGING for Baby Sammy days to start up again and on Monday I told her this was the week. She counted backward to Wednesday and the first thing she said yesterday morning was, "Today's a Baby Sammy day." When he had been here about an hour, she looked up at me with the biggest smile and said, "This is the best Wednesday. EVER" and gave Sammy a big squeeze.

Paige (3 years) was looking at the muddy lot next door. They are finally building on it and there has been a lot of mud moving going on. Since it's been raining non-stop for days, the trenches are filling with water. She said, "Oh look. There's a muddle puddle." Then laughed and said to me, "I call it a muddle puddle" as if she knew it was funny and was trying to make me laugh. I obliged.

And then there's sweet Katie (7 years). She waltzes through life with a smile on her face and giggle at the ready. She's very much a rule follower and a people pleaser and I seldom catch her saying something "funny" because she rarely thinks outside the box. She's been so responsible lately and has been competing with Grant to see who can get their morning school routine done first. I'm so thrilled she has her own room now. She's been thriving in having privacy and the responsibility of being grown up.

Curt (34 years) who I think is one of the funniest people on the face of the earth, methodically trains for two triathlons from January 1 until October 1 every year. Not because he likes exercise, but because he knows that it keeps him healthy, trim and staves off hereditary diseases. He revels in taking October, November, and December completely off from any form of exercise. He had me doubled over in the kitchen the other day when he stretched, patted his belly and said, "The calf is sufficiently fattened. Time to kill it slowly."

Have a great day and splash in a muddle puddle if you see one!

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