Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Day 14 Updates

I don't have to time to write a nice piece right now. House church in an hour and a half and I still have to mop the floors and feed my family etc. But for all of you faithful prayer warriors, here is the update as of Day 14.

Yesterday search efforts picked up. Melanie must have posted 7 or 8 status updates, the most encouraging update being that the search and rescue crews found a tripod in the area where David was last seen. It was confirmed today by the State Department that it was THE tripod David was carrying. It is in perfect condition, just dusty. My prayer is that David too, is in perfect condition, just dusty. Wouldn't that be just like the Lord?

Rescue efforts yesterday included heavy equipment and search teams. As the excavators moved debris, voids and pockets where victims could survive were revealed. Each time one of these was uncovered, the search teams went in looking for survivors. The excavators and search teams are in the back of the lobby, by the elevator shafts where David was last seen. I can't imagine it can be too much longer before they have news of David's fate, but there is so much rubble... It could still be days. I'll attach a picture that Melanie posted on her facebook page of the Hotel Montana lobby where David was last seen.

Last night search dogs picked up a scent at an apartment on the Hotel Montana grounds where a little boy (I think 4 years) and his Dad were last seen. As of today, they still haven't been found, but we are all praying for a miracle on that front. There is a facebook page dedicated to the families who have missing loved ones from the Hotel Montana and I've been checking it occasionally. I'm amazed at the community of faith that surrounded these families. People posting Scripture verses and prayers and encouragement. It's the body of Christ the way He intended it to be.

A man was rescued today from a different building in Port au Prince though. At the time I read the article, the rescuers were unsure if he'd been buried the entire 14 days or trapped in one of the after shocks. Regardless, it is a miracle and we're rejoicing for him as it appears he'll recover.

I'll close with the information Melanie just posted a few minutes ago. Please keep praying. There are so many desperate families who have breaking hearts and just want their loved one found. Here's what Melanie had to say: "We did not receive new information from the State Department, but Congressman Lamborn’s office has been working nonstop on David and Renee’s behalf today to get information. His staff has reassured us that they are “not giving up.” The Congressman spoke with the Chief Liaison for Search and Rescue tonight, and this is what we learned. The efforts at Hotel Montana have not officially transitioned into recovery, but they are “moving to the next phase” which means that they will be extremely careful as they dig further into the rubble, removing debris and continuing to look for survivors. The Kenyon Company—who is one of the best companies in the world for disaster relief—will be overseeing this phase, and a rescue team will remain onsite to help survivors. We continue to maintain hope tonight though our hearts hurt for Renee and the Hames family as they move toward recovery. Please pray that they will find our friend soon!"

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