Saturday, January 9, 2010

Bump in the Road

After weeks of exponential growth forward in my recovery process, I experienced my first bump in the road. Since I've been soaring ahead with cardio and strength training activity with no protest from my knee, I set a goal to run my ever-elusive second marathon on May 2nd. To hit this goal, I need to start building up mileage on my weekend runs. I thought a 6 mile run would be a good gauge for my knee's tolerance, so two weeks ago and I took off for a run that I estimated was about six miles with some good hills. Problem is I underestimated the distance (it was actually 9 miles) and the extent of the climbing and rapid descents and my knee didn't respond well. I had to walk the last half-mile because my knee had gone from feeling great to tightness to uncomfortable to full on pain. Talk about discouraging.

I took the week off from running and scaled back my work outs at the gym. When I attempted to run again on Monday, the four miles on the treadmill didn't go well. And ten minutes later, I got up from a routine strength training exercise and my leg gave out on me. I left the gym limping, frustrated and a little freaked out. A talk with the doc confirmed that I had overdone it on my nine mile run and that rest should theoretically eliminate the pain and get me back on track. However, he did warn that there is a ten percent failure rate with this surgery and told me I still have pain on Monday (in two days), to come back in.

I went for a test run today, only 4.6 miles and on a fairly flat course. And my knee deteriorated from feeling great to tightness pretty rapidly. I stopped and walked for some of the route and now that I'm significantly cooled off, the old familiar tightness and discomfort is setting in. Will you pray with me that this is just a bump in the road and that I didn't blow out the repair? I would hate to start from scratch all over again and am trusting God, the Great Healer, to lead us on the right path toward healing, whether that's scaling back on exercise or having it surgically repaired again.


  1. I'm praying with you, Jodi. Have a restful weekend!

  2. Jodi - I'm so sorry you're having a set back! I just now got to sit down and read this beyond the title... and I meant to ask you about it today at MOPS but as usual, time got away from me. I will pray for you and please keep us posted on how your knee is doing!