Saturday, December 12, 2009

Showcase Splendor

All fall, Katie and Alli have been taking Jazz Jam after school and Grant has been taking Beginning Guitar. On Thursday night, they got to perform what they've been working on at a Showcase in the high school auditorium. They were giddy with excitement to show us what they've been working on and we invited Grandma Ru and Grandpa Terry to join us for the special occasion. Little did we know what we were in for....

An hour and a half after the show started, it FINALLY wrapped up, much to the joy and relief of every parent and grandparent who was forced to attend. If there was an after-school class in Newberg, it was represented at the showcase. There was even an unabashed plug for a new class that would be starting winter session complete with a show of hands for people who MIGHT want to take the class. Kids talked about paintings, danced, acted, sang and "played" (I use that term loosely) guitar and ukele (who knew it's pronounced ookele?). For every high point there was an equally hilarious low point. About halfway through the show Curt leaned over and whispered, "Did we make our parents go to stuff like this?" I couldn't look at my mom cause I knew if I did, we'd dissolve into uncontrollable giggles and one of us would end up crying or wetting our pants or both. 3-year-old-Paige sat perfectly still through the entire performance completely enthralled with each participant which is more than I can say for myself.

So without further ado, I present to you, the mandatory video of our kids doing their thing, so you too, can get a taste of Christmas joy. Happy viewing.

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  1. You've been on a blogging tear! I don't know how you do it :). All of your recent posts have been great (i got four in the email today) - thanks for enlightening me on your carousel trip - I was wondering if you guys really drove one hour to just do a carousel ride! And I'm rejoicing with you that the Lord has said yes to your prayer to be able to run again without pain - that's awesome! And loved your exposition on "magnify." You really are writing encouraging stuff - keep it up! --Faith