Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Rough Day at the Office

Alli woke up grouchy this morning and determined to make everyone else miserable with her. Our dog, Dusty, had a stomach ache and sprayed the dining room with dog poop. Paige decided that every time I said no was worthy of an Oscar winning tantrum. Katie was nearly perfect as was Grant, until he left his room a disaster and I about had a fit when I went to vacuum and the floor was covered with Legos. My designated time with God was erased when I had to scrub dog poop out of the carpet for an hour and I was definitely not choosing joy in the situation. Dusty is still on my naughty list, but at least I'm not ready to put her up for adoption anymore. Today was a rough day at "the office" but I know that it always gets better. At least my co-workers are edibly adorable...

Tonight I went for a pre-planned swim and the first two laps were so horrendous that I was seconds away from giving up (something I rarely do) and getting out of the pool. The day had been such a battle for my attitude that the last thing I wanted to do was fight off a panic attack in the water. Just as I was about to stop, I decided to swim another lap. The first five were awful but somehow I settled into a nice rhythm and found myself ALMOST comfortable in the water and ALMOST enjoying myself. And once I got comfortable, the boredom set in. It's hard to keep your mind busy for 45 minutes of monotony. My goal was 35 laps but I was in the zone, so when I hit 35, I just kept going and eventually stopped at 40. I figure if I can get comfortable swimming more than 35 laps, I should be okay for a triathlon even if I panic.

My swim improved my mood dramatically and when I got home, we took a walk around the neighborhood as a family in the newly chilled air and gawked at all the Christmas lights. When we were good and cold, we came in for hot chocolate and Christmas goodies that the neighbors delivered earlier. Capped the night off with reading chapter five of the Best Christmas Pageant Ever, family snuggles and prayer. Thanks God for redeeming this day!

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