Thursday, December 24, 2009

Life is Good

Last weekend, Curt had a work Christmas party and as a special treat, the kids had a sleepover with Grandma Ru and Grandpa Terry. They threw a birthday party for Jesus complete with spaghetti, peppermint ice cream and angel food cake with fluffy white frosting (no doubt Jesus' favorite). The girls camped "under" the 2 foot Christmas tree (aka slept on the floor of the living room) while Grant opted for the comfort of a bed. The highlight of the sleepover? The kids first introduction to The Sound of Music. Apparently all four of the kids were enthralled for the entire THREE hours and when we picked them up at church the next day, they were yelling over each other, "Member when the kids sang "So Long, Farewell?" Member when the sisters stole the parts to the car? Member when they were hiding from the bad soldiers?" Since Curt has only been subjected to the movie once (by force, from me, when we were dating), I was left fielding all the questions and singing along to "Doe, a deer, a female deer." It was such a fun trip down memory lane that I decided to buy the movie when we were at Target yesterday finishing up last minute shopping. We spent our entire afternoon watching all three hours of The Sound of Music, singing and dancing and entertaining Alli who gets bored after 30 minutes of TV.

My Dad's wife Marcy traveled to Washington D.C. last week to attend her nephew's wedding and got stuck in the snow storm. She was supposed to travel home on Sunday but didn't catch a flight until yesterday. After traveling for hours on end and being gone three days longer than planned, my Dad finally picked her up in Portland. They stopped by our house for a rushed version of the Klippenes Christmas. We inhaled beef stew, crackers and dip, coffee and tea and then moved to the living room for present time. Grandma Marcy and I shopped together over Thanksgiving and so it was fun to see Paige's awestruck face when she opened the EXACT phone that couldn't live without when we were at the store. Katie has been asking for a Furberry since July and the look on her face was priceless when she, at long last, opened one. Another hit was a recordable microphone and I will never forgot the precious memory of my Dad and Alli singing "Away in a Manger" at the top of their lungs into the microphone and dissolving in laughter as they played it back.

When Grandma and Grandpa left, we snuggled into our favorite spots in the family room and watched The Polar Express by light of the Christmas tree, courtesy of one of the bazillion new channels we get on cable. We capped off a great day by reading chapter six of The Best Christmas Pageant Ever and even though we hear it every year, we're all dying to read the last chapter tonight with our extended family. Life is so good.

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