Monday, December 21, 2009

Giving is Fun Chore Chart

A few of you have asked for more detailed information on the chore chart we set up for our kids and I'm happy to share it. I will give this caveat though: I'm a bit of a Nazi Mom when it comes to chores. If it's not done correctly and thoroughly, the kids don't get paid. And since I feel like our kids are well provided for, the amount alloted to each chore is minimal, but fair. I assigned a higher monetary value to the chores that I despise the most so structure your chart accordingly.

  1. Helping with Dishes - $.25 To qualify, they need to clear plates, load dishwasher, and wipe off table and counters, but the full job can be split up between all the kids. Each kid who helps until it's finished, gets a quarter.
  2. Feeding the Dog - $.25 Since this is a no-brainer easy one and since it happens twice a day, I rotate who gets the first option to do it.
  3. Vacuuming - $.25 per room
  4. Clean Room - $.25 per day I'm a stickler about this. It has to be done in the morning before they leave for school to qualify. I define a "clean room" as bed made, blinds open, noise maker turned off, and nothing on their floor. I let the closets slide for the daily quota, but open drawers and open closets doors can tip the scales toward a negative depending on my mood. (See what I mean about the Nazi part.. I can't stand clutter!)
  5. Folding Clothes - $.50
  6. Mopping - $1.00 This is a chore that I really don't like so I pay well for it, but to get the full dollar they are required to help from start (with sweeping and moving rugs) to finish (putting all the stools and rugs back). If they bale out early, the price goes down.
  7. Bathrooms - $.50 per bathroom, and they have to do toilet, counter tops, shower/tub and mirrors to consider it "clean."
  8. Garbage - $.25
  9. Poop Patrol - $.50. Even with the higher price tag, no one will every pick up dog poop but me and I don't get paid...
  10. Dusting - $.25
  11. Wiping down Baseboards - $1.00 (I DESPISE this task which is why it never gets done. Don't look too closely...)
Hope that's helpful.

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