Wednesday, December 9, 2009

35 Laps Baby!

The first time I saw an Olympic-distance swim (9/10 miles) marked out in a lake, it never even crossed my mind to want to swim that far. Instead, I immediately branded every athlete waiting to start the grueling journey as "certifiably crazy." Who in their right mind can swim that far? It's ridiculous. This summer, when I took swimming lessons with all the 4 year olds, I set a goal to "some day" complete an Olympic triathlon. I knew I could do the bike and the run pretty easily, but the swim truly seemed impossible given the fact that I could barely swim one lap without drowning and gasping for air.

35 consecutive laps. That's what I needed to swim to hit 9/10 of a mile. I was convinced it would take at least a year to attain that distance, but tonight I shattered my expectations and swam for 35 consecutive laps without stopping. Never mind the fact that it took me 40 long, grueling minutes to finish or that if it was a race I'd most likely be the last one out of the water or the fact that my "swimming" still feels and appears a lot more like floundering than swimming. I was just pumped that I did it. I can't tell if it was more exhausting mentally or physically, but I just kept telling myself, "You can do it. Don't quit. You ran a marathon for crying out loud. You can swim another lap." And so, much like Dory and Marlin, I just kept swimming. And swimming. And swimming until I touched the wall at 35 laps and did a happy dance in the water. Whoo HOO!!!!

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