Friday, November 6, 2009

Stilp Six Updates

I saw the ortho surgeon again yesterday. He gave me a yellow light to increase my physical activity. I can start running SLOWLY (his emphasis, not mine) on a treadmill or flat street which are hard to come by in Newberg. I get to stop the twice-weekly physical therapy sessions which will free up my schedule considerably, although since I've spent so much time at PT, the entire staff can list our children's names and ages with their eyes closed. If I continue to progress on schedule, the Doc will give me the green light to do whatever I want at whatever speed I want on December 17th.

I got back in the pool on Tuesday for the first time since mid-August. My heart was racing, my mouth dry and my hands clammy. Why or why must I dread it so much? But Curt was with me and he encouraged me to take the step to actually get IN the water instead of staring in horror at it. And once I went under, it wasn't so frightening. I swam 20 consecutive laps and was completely stoked when we got out of the water. The 20 laps part was difficult since my cardio base is so depleted, but the mental game was much better and I only panicked a few times. Praise God for progress.

Curt is presenting at a PA Educators conference this morning. I'm so proud of him. What a stud. He's managed a really busy work load with ease and still manages to make us a priority. We are so lucky to have him.

Book club wrapped up last night. It was an unexpected blessing and time of spiritual growth for me. The Lord drug me into it kicking and screaming and then used it profoundly to grow my love for Him and my awareness of His love for me. The emerging friendships from sharing this with such a great group of women was a total bonus. I will be glad to get a few weeks to catch my breath from continuous hosting, although I'm sure the house will be much dirtier.

The kids are doing awesome. When we took Paige to the doctor for her H1N1, the office was having a coloring contest so I picked up sheets for all the kids. While they were home sick, they colored their entries and we dropped them off. Got a call yesterday that Katie won her age division. There was lots of celebrating by Katie and I, and lots of tears and disappointed sighs from the other three who were NOT winners. Good chance to teach about rejoicing with those who rejoice. Katie and Alli are taking a jazz class and Katie in particular seems to really be loving it.

Alli got a big ginormous STAR in the behavior section of her report at parent conferences and what a blessing to see her funneling her energy and passion into obedience and kindness. We are so proud of her progress this year.

Paige has been rattling off hilarious 3-year-old antidotes faster than I can write them down. Here are some recent favorites. We saw people being "bathtized" at church (makes sense to me). I told her she was such a good daughter and she wholeheartedly said, "I KNOW I am!" And I stopped at the mailbox in my PT's office to mail something to Clark and Evie Bear. She said in amazement, "There's a mailbox at physical ferapy?" I decided to enlighten her that there are indeed mailboxes EVERYWHERE, not just at our house. Her reply? "AMAZING!" And our dentist is Dr. Bizeau. She said, "I can't wait to show my boots to Dr. Zibeau."

Grant is finally taking guitar lessons and really enjoying them. Grant noticed our neighbor's got solar panels and was all excited about it. He acknowledged that it would be expensive to have them installed, but still inquired if we could get them. When I asked what the benefit was, he said, "They are a renewable energy source and good for the environment. They just installed a solar plant in Salem. I read about it in the newspaper." And apparently he corrected his teacher's pronunciation of "Tanzania" today in class (hopefully politely?!?!). Her response was, "I'm glad I have Grant around to correct me. He's such a wealth of knowledge." Will I ever stop thinking his verbal skills are funny?!?!

So that's our update. What's yours?

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