Saturday, November 14, 2009

Shopping, How I Loathe You

My hubba hubba husband took me out last night for a birthday date night. The kids were thrilled to have a "half-sleepover" at the Buchstaber's and we relished having an evening out. Over dinner we talked through our grief over Tyler's death and the alone time was a welcome solace to the craziness that normally ensues over family dinner. When we felt comforted, we moved on to the next item on the agenda: shopping. UGH!

I used to love to shop and there are rare moments now when I actually enjoy it, but being a mom of toddlers completely renovated my view of shopping. Why all the tempting trinkets and gadgets and bright colored candy at 2-year-old-eye-level? What is it about Target that brings out the evil in my children and they choose to publicly decompensate in the middle of the well-traveled aisles? Why does it take twice as long to buy five things with four children tagging along? And whose brainy idea was it to make a meal plan and a grocery list that rivals Santa's every two weeks and shop for it all on the same day? I have learned to loathe shopping, especially grocery shopping. However, it's a necessary evil so on we pushed.

I was terrified that on our one night to power shop we would find nothing on our long list of things to buy, but thankfully we were overly successful in our efforts. I considered going home for our sleeping bags after two hours in the Gap, but we finally emerged. Never mind that we were on a first-name basis with the entire staff or that I was folding clothes in the dressing room while Curt tried on one of everything in the store.... Kohl's was the next target and over another two hours, we mowed down everything on our list. Talk about exhausting! Until last night, I have successfully refused to wear skinny jeans, but I finally succumbed to peer pressure and bought not one, but two pairs, much to the delight of our kids. Apparently skinny jeans are "super cool." If only I had known years ago... We arrived at the Buchstaber's to gather up our brood of sleeping children and systematically carried each one to the waiting van. This was a much easier task when there was only one or two of them and the maximum weight was 20 pounds!

Tonight I'll tackle the groceries and I'm so excited about it that I've been putting off making the list all day. As much as I loathe shopping, I sure did enjoy spending time with my man. Now enough procrastinating. Time to make that grocery list.

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