Monday, October 12, 2009


Well, the H1N1 flu is unrelenting in its hold on my poor babies. Paige, who was the first to get sick last Tuesday is on day seven of battling a fever, horrid cough, and sore throat and she woke this morning with a temp of 101.3 F. Grant, Katie and Alli are also holding strong with persistent fever, cough, and sore throat. None of them seem anywhere close to being able to sustain a 24-hour time period fever-free without fever-reducing medication which is required for them to go back to school. We have blocks of time when the fever goes down and the kids are back to their normal, perky selves, but over time the sunken eyes come back and they start dropping like flies shivering under blankets. As their mom, my heart breaks. If I could take this for them I would in a heartbeat. But in spite of my over-exposure, I seem to have escaped with just a mild fever that lasted 36 hours instead of days on end.

Our friends have rallied around us, bringing meals, advil, movies for the kids, and offering to do grocery runs. It's hard to believe we've only lived here for a little over a year. Thank you for all your notes, emails and prayers on behalf of our family. The outpouring of love has ministered to us profoundly and been a blanket of emotional warmth. Wrapped in your love and the love of our Daddy God, we wait. For Jesus, the Great Physician, to reach down from heaven and lift the effects of this unrelentless virus in His timing, and bring healing to our kiddos.

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