Saturday, October 31, 2009


I wore my favorite matchy matcherson yoga outfit all day yesterday, fully intending to work out, and I never even broke a sweat. I felt like such a fraud when I went to bed and found myself glaring at my yoga ball and mat, still laid out on my bedroom floor at midnight.

Today I was determined to sweat, so AFTER my shower and a tad bit of makeup (you can tell my determination was sky high) I put on yet another cutesy exercise outfit and proceeded to kill the next two hours NOT exercising. Took Grant to a birthday party and set out for an "aerobic walk." I was tempted to be grouchy that I couldn't run and had to walk, but I asked God to help me drop the attitude and meander with Him.

Oregonians have a saying, "If you don't like the weather, just wait five minutes and it will change." In my 50 minute walk, I experienced dark gray rain clouds, misting drizzle, fast moving white clouds, sunshine and blue skies, and I giggled every time the weather changed. I walked out of our neighborhood, up into the mountain and within minutes my desire to run was tempered by the beauty of the day. I had never noticed all the different types of farms before. There were tree farms, vineyards, horse stables, cow, sheep and llama farms and a few little hobby farms mixed in for good measure. I watched the clouds fly across the sky, turn from dark gray to light gray to white and then dissipate into blue skies that appeared as if by magic. I crunched fallen leaves and gravel beneath my trail shoes that were undoubtedly thrilled to be crunching trail and not carpet. Inhaled the scent of warm horse manure, rain on the wind, and apples from a tiny orchard. Blackberry bushes, once dripping with luscious berries, hung dead and limp with globs of petrified berries sagging the branches. Meadows that seemed colorless in the gray mist turned vibrant shades of green in the bright sun light. Dogs barked. Flocks of birds chattered. Cows mooed. Crows cawed. Oh, and I broke a sweat.

I missed my mountain and was thrilled to be back on it. I'm so glad to be healthy enough to meander with God through a beautiful autumn day. And to sweat in my girly exercise outfit.

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