Tuesday, October 13, 2009

On the Mend?

I broke down and called the doctor yesterday to try to get some idea of how long this virus will last. When they heard how long Paige's fever was lasting, they wanted me to bring her in. And of course because I finally scheduled an appointment for my very sick little girl, her fever broke hours before the appointment and she smiled coyly behind her protective mask at the doctor, appearing completely healthy the entire appointment (SIGH). They took chest x-rays and were pleased to see that no pneumonia is growing in her lungs. She appears to be on the mend with no secondary infections, praise the Lord!

Alli's cough appears to be settling in her chest and I've been worried about the crud moving in and growing some pneumonia. I drug her with me to Paige's appointment in hopes that the doc would listen to her chest and calm my fears, but apparently he's in such high demand that since we didn't have an appointment or pay a $25 co-pay, he didn't have an extra five seconds to listen to her breathe. I found myself counting slowly to ten and thinking, "We're not in Kansas anymore, Toto." Oh Dr. B do we miss you...

There is a lot of confusion, even in the medical community, about what is and is not H1N1 and the conflicting messages to parents with sick kids is a source of frustration to me. I don't need a label for my kids. They're sick, and eventually they'll get better. I find it interesting that last week the nurse gave me a concrete but unofficial "swine flu" diagnosis, but last night it was, "It's most likely H1N1, but the full DNA of the virus is still not entirely known, so it could be something else and we still recommend that you get the vaccine when it becomes available." So which is it?

I went to bed just a little bit irritated, but fortunately everyone slept good last night and we woke this morning to two of the four kids with no fevers and the other two kids with very low-grade fevers. We're all more rested and it appears that the Lord is answering our prayers and we're finally on the mend. Thanks God!

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