Monday, October 5, 2009

God Has a Sense of Humor!

I've been in a funk lately. Living with constant pain makes functioning well in life more difficult. I've been hard on myself, especially in how I'm parenting. I've been hard on my kids. I've slacked on my commitment to make my husband the foremost priority in my life, aside from the Lord. And even though God has blessed me with massive encouragement when I've needed it, overall these past few months I have felt like a completely scaled-back and not very fun version of me.

Yesterday was an emotional but productive day and I woke up this morning determined to start chipping away at the areas in my life that God called me to focus on. I checked email and found a forward from my friend Juli who lives in Chicago. Her message was, "Hey - you're famous." I scrolled down and saw this message: "Hi ladies... I thought this Blog was inspiring and thought you might too! Much love and hugs to all of you!" And further down, after scrolling through bazillions of email addresses and a couple rounds of forwards, I found a link to one of the first blogs I ever posted and it was called "28 Things I've Learned as a Mom." I have no idea who the woman is that started the original forward, which made it that much more rewarding knowing people are actually reading my blog and finding encouragement in it.

On a whim, I re-read the post and found myself being motivated by words I wrote when I was finding victory more consistently in my life. It was such a fresh reminder of what God wants for me and I love the creativity He used to bring me full circle. Thanks God, for having a great sense of humor!

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  1. Love the new template! I forwarded your "28 things" email to a few people too- it was a good one! You are always full of such great encouragement for me, I hope your pain subsides soon. I'll be praying for you and your family.