Sunday, September 6, 2009

I Didn't Have Fun. I Want to Go Back.

My Dad and his wife Marcy came up for a visit yesterday. It was a gray, rainy, chilly morning and we spent the first part of the day just being together. The kids fought for attention from Grandma and Grandpa and forced Grandma Marcy to take a bazillion pictures of them, while the grownups tried to sit and chat over the malay. After lunch, Marcy got out the crayons and spend the afternoon at the table with the girls, playing with them and even showing them how to draw stars. Poogie took her afternoon nap, Grant disappeared to work on his Legos, and Dad, Curt and I crashed on the couches. Somewhere in the discussion of what to do with the overgrown mess above our rock wall, I fell asleep. Hard. And woke up over an hour later. Turns out my Dad conked out too. It's almost a crime to not take a nap on a gray rainy day and when we came out of our comatose state, the sun was out. Well kind of. At least it wasn't raining and the sun was peaking out occasionally through the gray clouds.

We loaded into our vehicles and hit the state fair. The kids just love exploring the animal barns, oohing and aahing over the cows, pigs, sheep, llamas, goats, bunny rabbits, and even the chickens. I actually got a picture of Grant smiling from ear to ear, which is hard to capture if he knows the camera is pointed his direction! I was determined to avoid both a wheelchair and those motorized carts, so I countered all the meandering around the fair with lots of sitting. On benches. On hay bales. At picnic tables. I'd gimp along behind everyone, find a place to sit and they'd eventually circle back to me. It really was fun to see how excited the kids got over all the animals and a treat to experience it with my Dad and Marcy. We took the obligatory picture at the milking parlor where my brother spent multiple summers working. We went to the horse arena and sat in the bleachers and watched the various horse-owners work out their horses. Katie, who loves horses, would have stayed there all day.

When the animal barns were done, we ate our way through the food stands. Fried corn dogs. Foot long hot dogs. Hot greasy french fries drenched in ketchup. A Farmers Meal platter with corn on the cob, pasta with sausage, potato salad and toast. Some Chinese stir fry. Cotton candy, root beer float, hot fudge brownie sundae and a milk shake. We sampled all the food and loved each bite. I was holding out for some Umpqua ice cream, but the long walk back to the booth made buying it at Fred Meyer a more exciting option.

We took pictures, laughed, watched the kids dance to the Johnny Cash impersonator on the free concert stage, and joked about some day actually doing the big human sling. On the way out, we watched a cow auction, climbed on the ginormous John Deer tractors, and dealt with 3 of our 4 kids melting down all at the same time.

On the way home, Paige kept crying, "I don't want to leave the fair. I want to have a sleep over there." We'd say, "Oh, I'm so glad you had so much fun, " to which she'd retort, "I didn't have fun. I want to go back." There's always next year little Poogie.

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