Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Cast Your Cares Upon Him, For He Cares For You

I connected with my sister-in-law, Quenby, this morning for the first time in a few weeks. We had to plan to call each other because our schedules are so crazy, and even with our careful planning we began our call 25 minutes later than anticipated.

It's a beautiful, Indian summer day today in Newberg, so I placed the call from my cell phone and took Paige to the park. While I was chatting with Q and pushing Paige on the swing, another mom came up with her pint-sized daughter and started pushing next to Paige. I briefly finished up our conversation by asking her to pray for a guy friend for Grant at school.

Grant is a bit introverted, especially in new situations, but when he feels comfortable, he becomes out-going, full of life and goofy. He has a vivid imagination and is completely content to play by himself, but equally enjoys playing with friends once the ice has been broken. His best friend, Alden, lives across town and goes to a different elementary school. According to Grant, "There is no one who understands him like Alden," so I think he decided to stop trying to replicate his perfect best friend at school. (Never mind the fact that Alden's mom and I had to force the boys to play together the first time because they both can be so shy initially). Grant's guy buddy from last year isn't in his class this year, but several girls that Grant knows ended up in his class, so he's been hanging out with a gaggle of girls. Nice girls, but they're girls. I've been asking God to give Grant the confidence to step out of his comfort zone and initiate hanging out with some guys in his class, and that in turn new friendships would develop.

Back to the park... I hang up with Q and apologize to the Mom Pushing Her Daughter for being rude and talking on the phone in front of her. We proceed to get to know each other and compare families. Her name is Amy and they have five kids. We marvel at some of our family similarities and then I ask if her kids go to Mabel Rush. Why yes. Her 8 year old son, Raleigh, is in Mrs Kirk's class.

I almost fell down. Raleigh sits directly behind Grant in class and is a boy that I've been encouraging Grant to get to know, but Grant has been hesitant since Raleigh is always with his best friend Dane. Amy proceeds to tell me that she couldn't help but overhear my later-than-scheduled-conversation with Q. Apparently, Raleigh is also hesitant to approach boys he doesn't know well, but his parents have been urging him to branch out because when Dane is not available, there is no Plan B. She's heard about Grant because Raleigh really likes Grant and by the way, would Grant like to come for a play date?

While I am basking in God's goodness to me, Amy says, "Oh, there's my neighbor, Rose," who is approaching the park with yet another pint-sized, precious little girl. Amy makes introductions and says, "Jodi is Grant's mom," to which Rose excitedly says, "You're Grant's mom? THE Grant from Dane's class mom? Dane LOVES Grant. We've been encouraging him to make friends other than just Raleigh and he's been talking about Grant for a while now. I've been trying to get your contact information so the boys can play together." !!!!!!!!!!!!! We continued to chat and get to know each other and exchanged contact info with promises to set up a play date for the boys soon, all the while watching our THREE 3-year-old daughters play together!

I was so overcome by God's direct answer to prayer that I could barely contain myself. I Peter 5:7 kept running through my head, "Cast your cares upon Him, for He cares for you." My heart was exploding with gratitude to the Lord for caring enough about my son to provide the chance to make some new friends. The boys might get together and not hit it off. After all, Alden is a tough cookie to measure up to in a friend. But, they could also really like each other and I am so grateful to God for opening these doors to new friendship.

I can hardly wait for Grant to get home so I can tell him how much God cares for him. What burden can you cast at God's feet today?

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  1. oh Jodi, this was such a treat! It made me laugh, it made me cry! I'm so blessed to know you and to get to read your blogs. I love how you tell a story. Thank you!