Saturday, August 29, 2009

Turned the Corner?

Is it possible? I think I may have turned the corner. If I could do the happy dance I would!

Thursday night Curt and the kids took me on my first outing - to Costco to order contacts and eat ice cream. It was about as thrilling and exhausting as it sounds. Crutching from the parking lot to the optical department, from the optical department to the bathrooms on the other side of the store, and from the bathrooms to the food court on the other side of the store completely wore me out, not to mention the 3-ring circus and obvious sympathy stares I got along the way.

On Friday we increased my activity, decreased my pain meds, took me another outing (a boat trip) that forced me to skip a nap, and stayed up late. But guess what? For the first time since surgery, I slept through the night until 5 a.m. and then fell back to sleep without taking any drugs. Woke up this morning and my pain level was not increased! Praise the good Lord for answering prayers!

The swelling is finally going down in my knee and the structure of a knee cap if starting to emerge from the melon shape that it's been for the past 9 days. Getting off such strong doses of Vicodin makes me feel like myself again and even though the pain is constant, it's finally at a tolerable level. On all fronts, I 'm feeling so much better and it has lifted my spirits so much. Now to just not over-do it today....

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