Thursday, August 6, 2009

That Was a Little Better

Curt forced (well strongly encouraged me) to get back in the pool. He organized my evening so that after we went to parents night at Camp Tillikum, the family would drop me off at the pool with my bike, and I'd swim while he went home and put the kids to bed. After swimming, I could practice my triathlon skills and bike home on my junky bike in the dark. I was not motivated at all to exercise at 9 p.m., but knew I needed to get back in the water as a matter of principle, so I agreed to his plan.

And it was better than last time. Still not great. But better. I get so nervous that I forget to count the laps, but when I rehashed it in my brain, I think I did 12 laps total in 30 minutes with 2 breaks. I did 2 laps of breast stroke, 2 lap of back stroke, 1 lap of side stroke and 7 laps of front crawl. And I may have looped 5 laps together consecutively, although the details are a bit blurry.

The mental aspect was still my biggest hurdle, but each time I felt myself panicking, I tried to take my thoughts captive and find a place of peace. And God was good to answer those prayers. I have a LONG way to go, but it was nice to get a decent swim under my belt. It gives me a bit more confidence for the next time I hit the water.

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  1. Practice may not make us perfect, but it certainly makes us more confident. Good job!!! Why count? Just tell yourself you will swim for 30 minutes and then you don't worry so much about the amount of laps. I use to swim, with my first 3 pregnancies and I have to admit that I miss it.