Thursday, August 13, 2009

Knee Update

After months of nagging pain, one "clean" MRI, and weeks of unproductive physical therapy, we have come full circle with my knee. I was back at the orthopedic surgeon this morning and he is confident enough that there is something mechanically wrong (i.e. something inside my knee that is broken and needs to be fixed) with my knee, that he wants to scope it. He, his PA, and my Physical Therapist all agree that my symptoms are pointing to a torn meniscus, the same diagnosis Curt gave me weeks ago, and that it didn't show up on the MRI. My cracked cartilage in my knee cap bugs me, but isn't the greatest source of aggravation and pain, so we'll tackle the meniscus first.

My surgery is scheduled for this Wednesday, August 19th. Time is TBD. Recovery time will depend on what he finds once he gets inside. If he just has to "trim it up" (whatever that means), then I could be running, albeit not comfortably, in as little as two weeks. If he finds a tear that he needs to repair, he'll be more strict in limiting my physical activity for the first two months. I'm a bit nervous about having surgery since it will a first for me, but I'm thrilled to be getting to the bottom of what is causing all these problems and pain.

Prayer requests would be:
1. That the scope is worth-while and that hopefully he finds something he can pin the pain on and fix it.
2. That recovery will go well.
3. Logistics of covering child/hubby care while I'm off my feet. Curt is taking Thursday off and Friday afternoon, but he has to work on Friday morning so I'll need help with the kids on Friday morning. Also on surgery day, I will either need a ride to the surgery center (or I'll go in with Curt in the morning and just sit around until my surgery) and I'll need to find child care times 4 for the kids for that entire day until we get home.

Thanks for praying with us and for all your support over the past few months.

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