Monday, July 20, 2009

Recent Realizations

Here are some things I've realized over this past week.

1. Don't swim on a full stomach. It's not a myth. Swimming on a full stomach is a recipe (pardon the pun) for disaster. I decided to make my first attempt at lap swim within minutes of gorging myself on Chinese food. BAD idea. I don't think I could have a worse first attempt at swimming laps for exercise. Lesson learned. Tomorrow is bound to be better.

2. I can't "sneak shop" with Katie any more. She and I went on a date to shop for clothes for her birthday. I wanted to get her Bedtime Stories for her birthday so I purposefully appeared to meander down the movie aisle. When I spotted it, I tried to divert her attention and sneak it in the cart behind my purse and she TOTALLY busted me. She didn't see the title though, so even though she saw me sneak SOMETHING, she didn't know what it was. As we checked out, I handed her the receipt to have the Costco checker draw a smiley face and within seconds, her face lit up and she started giggling. "Oh! So you bought me a miscellaneous DVD." Stinker. She knew to read the receipt.

3. Grant really knows how to swim. I have this unnatural fear of my children drowning and am a nervous wreck when they are near water. Grant and Alli are both so comfortable in the water and I swear they are half amphibian, but I never let them test their wings. Maybe it's because I'm such a bad swimmer, but that's changing too. At any rate, Grant was at a church function on a lake on Saturday and the lake was divided into a deep and shallow end. To swim in the deep end, you had to pass a swim test in front a certified life guard. He totally rocked it and earned the green wrist band to go in the deep end. I'm so proud of him! When I asked him what it was like swimming underwater in a lake vs. a pool, he said, "It was like swimming into a black hole of darkness."

4. God wants to "uppy me." Ever since Paige could talk, she seeks comfort in our arms. We often hear her say, "Uppy. Mommy, I want you to uppy me." Uppy brings comfort. Security. Peace. Warmth. She's still a pip-squeak, but even when she gets bigger and heavier, when she asks me to uppy her, I will drop what I'm doing to carry her. I was reading in Isaiah 46:4, "Even to your old age and gray hairs I am he, I am he who sustains you. I have made you and I will carry you; I will sustain you and I will rescue you." When I read that God wants to carry me, sustain me and rescue me, I realized that He wants to uppy me. I'm never too old. Too big. Too heavy. He wants to uppy me.

5. Grant is going to be a night-owl, rock star type persona. The kid requires ZERO sleep, often doesn't fall asleep until we're heading to bed, and then wakes up before 7 a.m. (okay so the waking early is NOT a rock star). But he loves music and is always listening to various bands and telling us what he likes about them. He has an acoustic guitar that he can't play, but he'll spend hours sitting on the couch, holding it incorrectly, strumming away and humming to the melody in his head. Note to self: get the kid guitar lessons! He even drew a picture of his hypothetical band called Mini HSU (for Hyper Static Union - his current favorite band) with friends of his as band members and it's hanging on his wall. He said, "Mom. I'm serious. I really think I might want to be a rock star when I grow up. And I really want Crosby and Alden and Kate to be in my band." Hopefully some of them will actually be musically inclined.

6. Alli is realizing babies come in all different shapes and sizes, even if they are the same age. Two of my friends have baby boys that are similar in age and couldn't look more different. One is short and chubby with lots of dark hair. The other is bald, long and lean. This week she saw me holding another baby boy and she grilled me with questions. What's his name? How old is he? Are you friends with his mom? etc. She thought for a while and then said, "So he's the same age as Griffin? He and Griffin are both bald-headed and skinny. Not like baby Sammy at all." Watching the light bulb go on in her head was priceless.

7. Life is getting easier as the kids get older. I know our kids aren't old yet, but they also aren't babies any more. We hauled all our bikes to a state park 6 miles from our house on Sunday. Put Paige in the "baby seat" on my bike and we knocked out a 5ish mile (maybe longer) bike ride like it was nobody's business. Curt led, we copied Auntie Quenby's genius game of Leader Leapfrog for the spots in between, and Paigey and I took up the rear. The bike path reminded me so much of the trail that Curt proposed on and brought back some great memories of our first date and his proposal. It traversed through thick woods with sunshine drifting through the dense foliage and turning the woods varying shades of green. At points, we could see the Willamette River and other times we were deep in the woods. It was just lovely and even better, EASY. No one complained or got tired. We did it fairly quickly and it could almost count as exercise. Finished with a hastily packed picnic and we had a great afternoon as a family.

And I think that's all the introspection I have for now. I'm off to watch a movie with my sweet man. All the girls are sleeping. Grant is "in bed" with his radio blaring his current favorite band.

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