Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Day Two

I survived Day Two of swim lessons.  Less panicky today, although I still had a few moments and was thankful we were still in the shallow end with the 4 year olds so I could put my feet down and deal with freaking out.

I front crawled a whopping 75 yards today.  Looks like working up to a mile swim for an Olympic triathlon might be something that takes me 25 years or so...

And good night Irene - do swimmers have good ab strength!  I was trying to learn the kick for a breast stroke by holding onto the side of the pool and I had to brace myself with one hand against the wall to keep my legs from sinking to the bottom of the pool.  Gotta work on that....

Thanks for all your support and encouragement from my first post.  I'm glad to finally be conquering this fear and embracing the humility of standing in line with the 4 year olds to go swimming!  Have a super day!

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