Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Day Three - Comical!

The best way to describe day three of swim lessons is comical. I don't know why I can't get over my humiliation of swimming with the little kids, but I find myself trying not to arrive even 30 seconds before 10 a.m. Today, horror of horrors, I arrived at 9:58 and found myself hiding in the locker room, watching the clock with dread and waiting until the kids from the 9:30 classes were showering before I ventured out to the pool deck. There's just something so embarrassing about seeing my peers, who I know from school, MOPS, etc. sitting in the bleachers and me swimming with their kids... I told our house church I was learning to swim and they wanted to know time and place so they could come for the show. I'm thinking a banner with a megaphone and coordinated, screen-printed "Team Jodi" t-shirts would be a nice touch.

Oh, and swimming attire is another laughable matter. I have three Mom-suits and one skimpy bikini that I never wear. I do NOT have a swim-suit, at least not yet. Today I chose my Mom-suit with a skirted bottom and when I went to pull myself out of the pool to watch Teacher Bug show me a move, I just about became the only swimmer in the pool who was missing her skirt. I think "swim-suit" will move up the shopping list in priority. Whew! Glad we avoided that crisis.

Guess who can open their eyes AND breathe under water? ME! That's right. Ladies and gentlemen, Jodi Stilp has mastered the art of both seeing and breathing under water. Dare I say it almost feels natural? Maybe not quite since I still instinctively shut my eyes the first time I tried to glue my contacts, but I am making so much headway in this area. The strokes I'm learning almost feel unnatural without my face in the water and I didn't feel panicky even one time today. What a HUGE relief.

There are still things to work on. Like figuring out how to keep my googles from fogging up. Maybe it would help if I didn't take them off every time Teacher Bug tried to tell me something... (just saying). And figuring out how to breathe to swim for exercise. I think I'm so excited that I'm not inhaling the pool that when I front crawl, I hold my breath way too long and then get winded.

We practiced the breast stroke several times back and forth. Now I know WHY I was never a dancer. I can not force the top and bottom of my body to do different things at the same time. We tried and tried and tried and I maybe got three of four strokes done the right way. Teacher Bug, who by the way is actually named Tiffany and is super nice, has clearly been trained to find something positive when her students attempt something new. Bless her heart, she was scraping the bottom of the barrel to find something praise-worthy about my breast stroke.

Even worse was the ? stroke. Can't even remember what it's called, but you're basically supposed to do the worm in the water. RIGHT! I can't even do the worm out of the water. And it requires tons of ab strength to drop and pull up my legs, again something these poor abs are not trained to do. Teacher Bug and I were both out right laughing at how lame I was with that. If you can't laugh what can you do, right?

I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm actually really enjoying swimming and even find myself looking forward to my lesson each day. I just may get the hang of this even if it's comical in the learning.

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