Thursday, July 16, 2009

Day Four - Making Progress

So feel free to skip this post if you don't care about swim lessons. I'm just doing this more for my own benefit...

Day four I made progress. My breast stroke, after multiple tries up and down and back again is finally starting to resemble a breast stroke on occasion. Teacher Bug still had to scrape to find a positive comment, but it was beginning to click in my brain enough that I may be able to put it together when I practice outside of lessons.

The Question Mark stroke from yesterday is actually the butterfly. Still impossible, but I am motivated to learn it as it's a good ab work out and I my abs desperately need to be worked out. We practiced a good part of this stroke submerged under water and I realized as we were working, that I actually felt RELAXED underwater. Is that crazy or what? No panicky feeling. Just a sense of calm. I was able to breathe under water and when I let my body relax, I was able to do part of the crazy kicking, pulling thing that I'm supposed to be learning. That was a huge victory for me.

We practiced front crawl since that's what I'll be doing the most of and I did the equivalent of one lap in an Olympic size pool without having to turn onto my back to rest. To do the shortest triathlon, a sprint distance, I will have to swim 9 laps. An Olympic distance is 35 laps. The sprint distance feels doable. Olympic feels, well, like an Olympic-sized goal. But having a goal is motivating for me and I am determined to get to 9 laps as quickly as I can.

For those of you who have a fear of the water and want to learn to swim: DO IT! Don't wait any longer. Go sign up for those lessons today. You will feel so empowered when you look your fear in the face and defeat it. And bonus: you get some exercise at the same time! Who knows. Swimming may just become your next passion. I feel it pulling me already.

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  1. I knew the kick you were talking about was for the butterfly stroke! I absolutely love butterfly- not only does it create rock hard abs, but rotating your shoulders enough to clear the surface of the water makes them look pretty good too!

    And the kick alone (I want to say it might be called dolphin kick)is one of my favorite things to do underwater the length of the pool to work on breath control (and to escape the world and relax). I was a synchronized swimmer, you know.