Thursday, June 4, 2009

One Year Ago Today...

Exactly one year ago today...

Katie lost her first tooth at school.  We didn't even know it was loose.  Then she lost the evidence in her cubby and had nothing to put under her pillow for the tooth fairy.

Katie and Grant had field day at NCA, the private, Christian school they attended, but it got moved inside because of unpredictable Illinois spring weather.

We found out we'd been scammed out of $2,500 as a SELLER on Craigslist.  Even though warnings are listed all over Craigslist, we were so swamped with moving, we didn't read them.  Talk about made to feel like a total idiot in point 2 seconds.

I spent the morning at the bank trying to untangle the fiasco.  Instead of helping, our unsympathetic banker froze ALL our bank accounts, the day after Curt paid all our bills, including our mortgage, and two weeks before we intended to close them down and move to Oregon.

I cried throughout most of nap time, unable to handle to pressure of packing boxes, last minute arrangements with the movers, saying goodbye over and over to friend after friend, and trying to absorb the loss of $2,500 right when we really needed it.

Curt cried most of his commute home, unable to handle the pressure of saying goodbye to colleagues and a job he loved, pressure to pack and finish up our preparations to move cross country, saying goodbye over and over to friend after friend, and trying to absorb the loss of $2,500 right when we needed it most.

Katie graduated from Kindergarten and was irresistably cute in her gold cap and gown, smiling her toothless smile as she waltzed down the aisle to Pomp and Circumstance.

Grant and his entire 1st grade class wowed the audience with the plethora of verses they had memorized and the adorable poem they recited that summarized their first grade year.  Grant's sentence was perfect for him as it encompassed the largest and most scientific words in the entire poem.

Grant and Katie participated in a two-hour graduation/closing ceremony at NCA.  The last event before it shuttered its doors forever.  Lots of crying and sadness that night from parents, staff and students who had come to view NCA as a second family.  

We had to wrangle Alli for the entire TWO hour presentation and try to keep her still and quiet.  We were close to tears by the end of the ceremony, but they were ones of frustration.  

Oh, and it was Curt's 33rd birthday. Definitely one for the record books as the worst birthday imaginable.

Here's hoping today is a better birthday than last year.  Love you baby!


  1. Happy Birthday Curt! Hope this is a better birthday than last year- look how far you've come (and not just geographically).

    There is nothing else in the world like 'moving exhaustion'! I'm hoping we won't have to learn how to live with it for long.

  2. How wonderful to start out by saying "one year ago today". Behind you with only the memory and those laughs to replace the taars. So glad God carried you through and Happy Birthday to your husband.