Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Monument

Would you like to take a trip down memory lane with me?   One year ago, I sent this email to the group of people who had been praying for us as we moved from Wauconda to Newberg.

"Well, we made it to Kearney, Nebraska, before we all melted down.  That's about 3 hours farther than our original goal of Omaha.  The kids were AMAZING!  We were in the car for 12 hours and I've had grocery trips that were worse than the 12 hours we had.  They got along (for the most part), found things to do, and watched a couple movies on our new DVD player for the car.  We are EXHAUSTED but glad to get such a good drive under our belts for day one.  Only a 5 hour anticipated drive tomorrow to get to Golden, Colorado, and see family and then we'll get a little break before we hit it hard again on Friday.  Thanks for your prayers!  Love- Jodi, for the crew"

It took me awhile to find this email in my bazillions of "sent" messages and as I searched for it, I kept printing update after update.  Each one chronicled the journey God took us on and showed His miraculous plan for our family.  As we walked through our adventure, nothing looked clear.  But as the emails unfold like a great novel, God's plan was and is abundantly clear.  I'm going to make a memorial book as a lasting monument to God's constant goodness and faithfulness in our lives.  How has God been good to you?

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