Saturday, April 18, 2009

Grant's Creative Writing - He forgot the title

Grant, who will be 8 in two days, wrote a story a few nights ago, "just for fun."  It took him two evenings of his after-dinner-but-before-bed-time.  Here's what he wrote.  He forgot to title his story.  I'll type it exactly as he wrote it with punctuation and spelling.

"I'm Jim.  I'm an animal scientist in Alaska.  I study everything from the smallest squirreles to huge Kodiak bears.  Here is one of my scariest stories.  It all happened one warm (30F) day when I was looking for an interesting animal(s) to study.  So far I had found a chitery chatery squirrel and a lost wolf cub wandering around doing nothing that interest me.  But the real story begins now when I was walking and all of the sudden a monster sow Kodiak bear jumped out of the bushes.  I din't realize I was walking toward a bear den until I saw to bear cubs in the tree behind the bushes because I had learned that at a first sign of danger a mother bear chases her cubs up a tree.  I also climbed a tree.  I could tell the mother bear was mad.  Then the mother bear went to get her cubs.  I realized one of the cubs was falling of one of the branches.  I also realized an inersection of the to branches of my tree and the cubs tree.  I carefully walked on the branch that intersected with the other branch and scooped the cub up just in time.  At first the sow snarled, growled and chew her teeth, then the sow realized I saved her cub then very carefully I climed down the tree with every eye on the sow just in case she was still mad.  Then as she walked away she droped a cub.  I picked it up but the sow didn't care.  I walked away and she still didn't care.  Then I realized she was giving me a cub.  Now it's a couple years after that and he lives in my old horse carrall and now he's 5 feet tall but I now that some day he'll be an 11 foot monster I'll have to give to nature."

I think the boy has a future in animal science.  Anyone else agree?

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