Monday, April 20, 2009


My 5 pound, 10 ounce preemie turned EIGHT today. Most of the time I feel like I've been Grant's mom for my entire life. It's what I was born to be. But there are moments when I can't believe that EIGHT years have passed since we began this journey called parenting.

When I think about it, it doesn't seem much longer than a week or two ago that I was riding the train home from another busy day of work in downtown Chicago. Reading with interest The Birth Book and wondering how it would compare to our birth classes and tour of the hospital the upcoming weekend, when SURPRISE! My water broke. Within hours, we were holding our son in our arms and wondering who parked the car that we left in the Emergency Room parking bay.

And that's how our parenting journey began. Rough. Unplanned. Not according to schedule which of course irked me given the fact that I had the the next 6 weeks preceding his arrival completely and entirely planned out. Unexpected. Joyous. Heart-warming. Exhausting. Here we are EIGHT years and four kids later. Who would have guessed?!?!

Grant had a great birthday weekend. On Saturday he invited three of his buddies to go with him (and Curt) to the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum on a boys-only excursion. They saw, among other things, the original Spruce Goose. Grant stood in awe for several minutes, taking in the enormity of the plane, then said to Curt, "Man Dad. That thing just knocks me out." They came back to our house for pizza, presents, cake and ice cream. One of his gifts was a Lego pirate ship. I overheard Grant tell Curt in a matter-of-fact tone, "Dad, did you know that Chinese pirates were exceptionally skilled swordsmen?"

Sunday was an amazing spring day - it hit 84 degrees, no humidity, blue skies. Grandma Ru and Grandpa Terry had an afternoon of fun planned, so we headed to their house for a delicious Sunday lunch. Grant loves to hike and play in the woods with Ru and Terry, so they made a Grant vs. Wild poster for him with photos of him doing crazy stuff (like hanging from tree branches and jumping over river rocks) on their outings together. His gift was hiking and outdoor-survival related with a fleece, a water bottle holder and a whistle/compass thingy. The snake cake, made from huge cupcakes, fit the Grant vs. Wild theme as did the obstacle course and worm-eating competition Ru and Terry put on for the kids at the park. (Okay - they were gummy worms...) Grant was so intent on winning the obstacle course race that he slid down the fire pole too fast and pole-burned the inside of his arm.

This morning Grant opened presents from us. Since he's grown and grown and grown this year, his "presents" were mostly a new wardrobe. It was great to send him to school in clothes that actually fit! Grant, like his Dad, LOVES music and building things, so he was thrilled with his new clock radio/CD player and Lego set.

Alli, Paige and I brought birthday treats to Grant at school and got to participate when his class sang Happy Birthday to him. He played with Alden, his best friend, after school and we finished the evening with dinner at Lil Cooperstown Pub and Grill. Since it was over 80 degrees today, we ate outside in tank tops! We should have known the weather would be great today. Grant ALWAYS gets an amazing-weather-day on his birthday.

All four kids are in bed and the house is enveloped in silence. I'll head there soon and I'll fall asleep the mom of an EIGHT year old.


  1. Great post! Can't believe your water broke on the train. Haven't heard that story yet!!

  2. I love the family pictures of a birthday. What terrific memories of eight years. It is such a blessing isn't?