Monday, March 2, 2009

The Way

Have you ever been on a road trip and had that sinking feeling in your gut when you realize you’re lost without a map? There are no familiar landmarks, no streets that are recognizable and no one in sight to ask for directions? At that moment you’d do anything to know the way to your destination.

What about closer to home? Have you ever gotten lost within miles of your own driveway? You take a road that is less familiar. Attempt a short cut. Maybe you’re traveling the same road you drive daily but it looks different by the light of moon. You make one wrong turn, start second-guessing yourself and before you know it, you’ve lost your sense of direction and can’t find the way home even though your house is two miles away?

Life is lot like driving. Sometimes it feels like a road trip. Everything is foreign with no recognizable landmarks and each fork in the road makes the butterflies start twittering. We’ve lost the map to our next life destination, not that it would help, because we don’t even know WHERE that is.

Sometimes we get lost in the familiar. We’re hunkered down at home, living the mundane day-in and day-out of life, and we get thrown a curve ball. Things that were once familiar seem different. Cast in a different light, they become unrecognizable. We second-guess ourselves, lose our sense of direction, and find ourselves lost in a thick fog. We have no idea which way to turn and a map is worthless because we haven’t even stepped one foot out the door.

Jesus told his disciples in John 14 that he was going to leave them, but that they “know the way to the place where I (Jesus) am going.” They looked at him with a blank stare and then pointed out the obvious. “Lord, we don’t know where you are going, so how can we know the way?” Seems like a valid question. It’s like me telling Curt, “I’ll see you somewhere this weekend. You know the way.”

Jesus smiles lovingly at them and then points out the obvious. “I AM THE WAY.” You need direction? It’s me. I am the way. I know the road map for your life. Follow me. I’ll guide you. Lead you. Show you the way. Restore your sense of direction. My Holy Spirit will be your intuition.

Our pastor recently broke down the name of Jesus and defined it as, “Everything that I AM, I will be to you.” Do you need healing? I AM the Healer. You need comfort? I AM the Comforter. You need forgiveness? I AM the God who Forgives. You want truth? I AM the Truth. You need direction? I AM the Way.

The truth of who Jesus is restores my sense of adventure. Road trip anyone?

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