Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I can't dance. Not a stick of rhythm in these bones. My mom, on the other hand, has great talent. She and her husband Terry love dancing and are really good at it. When they got married, the pastor pronounced the new couple "Dr. and Mrs. Terry Hadlock," we clapped, the bridal party moved back, and they started waltzing. It was a moment forever etched in my memory of how they customized their wedding ceremony to encompass who they are.

We celebrated Paige's birthday at their house. Terry drove all over Portland to find a recorded copy of a "Surprise Symphony" that he wanted to play for the kids. When the music jumped from super quiet to as loud as possible, all four of them jumped back, squealed, covered their ears and dissolved into nervous giggles. When the music switched to a waltz, up jumped Mom and Terry. They waltzed around their tiny living room while the kids danced and twirled around them. It was so pretty, I captured a bit of it with my camera. Hope you enjoy it too.

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