Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Out of Tune

In this technological age, it’s hard to remember the good ‘ol days of fiddling with the tuning knob on my transistor radio, trying desperately to tune in my favorite song that was crackling in and out on some distant airwave. Frustration mounted as I’d twist and turn, dialing in just enough of the song to tempt me to keep trying, but by the time I’d get the song clear enough to enjoy, it was over. And to add insult to injury, all the music I didn’t want to hear at that particular time was coming in crystal clear!

Parenting reminds me a transistor radio. The song I want to hear is one of harmonious kids, playing kindly, sharing, and being respectful to each other and to adults. The obedience song, when played the first time, makes my heart leap for joy, and I can’t help but love it when the “pick up your toys, clear the table, don’t leave your junk on the family room floor, make your bed, brush your teeth and comb your hair” song is set on continual repeat and it’s not me droning on and on, over and over. My favorite song is listening to my kids worship Jesus with singing or uninhibited laughter. These songs warm me from the inside out. This radio station is one I want tuned in 24-7.

Lately, I’ve been picking up every station EXCEPT the one I want. I’ve been dialing in disrespect, sassiness, unkind words and nasty tones. Been receiving a lot of laziness in the form of toys, clothes, and books carelessly tossed all over the house. Haven’t heard the Instructions song on repeat, so I’ve been the one droning on and on and being tuned out in the process. Picking up disobedience and lack of effort to want to obey on several stations and that’s just on the FM Kid stations.

When I switch to the AM Parent station, I’m getting lots of fuzz and static on the patience, love, selflessness, slow to speak and slow to get ngry station, but the impatient, snappy, selfish and quick to anger and nasty speech station is coming in LOUD and CLEAR. My dial that tunes into God seems to have an infrequent connection lately, so my Holy Spirit help is coming in choppy waves.

The static on both stations is making me crazy enough that I’m tempted to turn the Parenting switch to OFF permanently and put the kids on the curb with a suitcase. But hold off on calling child services or the mental institution… There’s just enough of that tantalizing, beautiful song drifting over the airwaves to keep me motivated in my search to find the parenting station that is perfect for our family and honoring to God.

God has shown me over the past few weeks, as my frustration with parenting has mounted, that when I view my children as burdens who get in the way of my agenda and what I want to accomplish, then my heart toward them grows cold. In that coldness, I become self-absorbed, short-tempered, bossy and unloving. Believe me, it’s not a pretty sight. I don’t like me. My kids don’t like me.

When I choose to tune into God and have him set my heart on the beautiful blessing my kids really are, I see His purpose for each one of them and for me as their mom. Viewing them through God’s eyes makes them irresistible to me.

This morning I realized that the song my kids sing is disjointed, off-key, unharmonious and off-beat at times. But it has moments of perfect unison, cadence and harmony. When the notes hit my soul, I’m transformed. I fall madly in love all over again with each of my children. Instantaneously my job as Mom is the perfect one for me and the only one I want. With God’s help, I’ll twist and turn the dial of parenting until their song comes in crystal clear. After all, it’s the only one written just for me and that makes it perfect.


  1. Love this...such a good reminder. What a wonderful friend you are...thanks for your honesty in this journey of motherhood.

  2. Oh sammysam is my husbands blogger name...this is Sarah Farris:-)

  3. Great blog Jodi and so very true. My love the time in the evenings like now. Harmony play the in the melody of brotherly love. Why this hour I do not know, but I love it every evening. The station may turn sour through out the day and come in and out but not taking my hands off the dial of hope. Because as we seek to serve an amazing God, we are clearly brought to a greater call as His, the mother of many wonderful children.