Friday, March 20, 2009

The Biggest Rhino, by Grant Stilp

The Biggest Rhino
By Chloe Brockie and Grant Stilp

Grant, who is almost 8 years old, and our babysitter, Chloe, mad-libbed a story. Here’s what they came up with.

Chloe: Once upon a time there was a rhino named Frank.
Grant: He was the biggest, fattest, roundest rhino in the world.

Chloe: So he decided that he better start playing sports!

Grant: He tried football and crushed everybody.
Chloe: So then he tried water polo, but he sank to the bottom of the pool!

Grant: He tried to play soccer, but his legs were too short and stubby!

Chloe: So one day, he went to visit his friend, Bob the Moose.

Grant: They played all day long and he saw a poster on Bob’s wall that read: World’s fattest rhino contest next Saturday. So he decided to sign up.

Chloe: He went and he won!!!!!

Grant: When he was getting his award, he crushed the first, second and third stand. So everybody knew him as the biggest, fattest, roundest rhino in the world.


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