Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Baby Kendall Needs Your Prayers

A spring day in the Mid-West is hard to come by. After months on end of sub-zero temps, piles and piles of snow, and blowing wind, the first day above 30 degrees that melts the snow, feels like spring. If the temperature hits 50, you get sunbathers. One such spring day in Minnesota, during my junior year of college, I was playing catch with a friend. She convinced me to try out for the college softball team and surprisingly, I made it.

One player immediately caught my eye. She had thick, beautiful, long, dark hair that I was instantly envious of being of the fine, thin, scraggly headed-type myself. Terra was full of life, dramatic and over-the-top funny in a Saturday Night Live type of way. Her antics kept the team dying with laughter and since she and I had equal playing skills, we got to know each other well as we kept the bench warm for the "real" players.

I watched Terra meet and fall in love with her husband Ben. Even though they were young, you just knew their love would stand the test of time. We remained friends those two years in college, but lost touch shortly after I graduated.

Through Facebook, we recently reconnected. I was so mad when I realized she, Ben and their FOUR girls (spaced similarly to ours), lived in the southern burbs of Chicago. To be so close to each other all these years and not know it was frustrating, especially now that we relocated to Newberg.

We exchanged a couple of "how have you been" emails when I noticed that her status updates on Facebook kept focusing on her newborn daughter, Kendall. Kendall was sick. Terra was tired and needing caffeine through her veins. And then it sounded like Kendall was in the hospital. After some searching, I found Terra's blog and realized that their precious daughter was fighting for her life.

Over the past 6 weeks, this precious little 4 month old has been through more medical tests and illness than most people go through in a lifetime. And the doctors are coming up empty with a concrete diagnosis. In the meantime, Terra and Ben are clinging to their sense of humor, their faith in Jesus Christ, and their network of family and friends. Just last night, little Kendall was readmitted to the hospital with bacterial pneumonia on top of all her other issues. Here's a link to Terra's blog, if you're interested in the all the details: http://www.terratalking.com/

Please, if you read this blog, pray with me for Terra, Ben, their three older daughters and baby Kendall. Pray for wisdom for the swarm of doctors working so hard to figure out how to help Kendall. For rest and healing for Kendall. For rest and peace for Terra and Ben. For their daughters who are having their world turned upside down and are supposed to go on living as though life were "normal."

Thank you God that you are God, the Healer. Please place Your healing hand on this sweet baby. Bring health. Bring peace for those who love her and wisdom to the doctor's seeking to help her. And may You receive all the glory for You are worthy to be praised, even in the valley. Amen.

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