Thursday, February 5, 2009

Life from Paige's Perspective

Our youngest daughter, Paige, will be 3 at the end of this month. She has hit the phase of toddlerhood where every day she says something hilarious and I'm constantly looking for a sheet of paper to write down the goofy stuff she says.

Yesterday, we were having a mid-morning snack and she kept inhaling everything in sight then asking for more. At one point I said, "Girl - you must be hungry." And she said very emphatically, "I'm a WOT of hungry!"

I took her up Bald Peak Road and perched her at the edge of a fairly steep drop off to take her 3 year old pictures with a breath-taking view of the valley below. She was nervous about standing so close to the edge and said, "But Mom - I fall down." You can tell from the pictures that she was apprehensive about showing too much flair.

Today we were brain-storming when we could have her birthday party and who we could invite. Since we only moved here 7 months ago, the list of friends is abnormally short. She named off four boys who she plays with then looked at me and said, "Mom - I need more girl friends."

She overheard me saying that her friend Oliver is sick. When I got off the phone she said, "Mom, we should pray for he." And then she prayed the sweetest prayer that he would feel better. Oh to have that kind of faith!


  1. My oldest will be 3 in April, and I am feeling the same way of catching the moments of cuteness! They just say the cutest things at this age...taking life all in. Hope you have a great birthday with your little one.

  2. I love the middle picture what a sweet heart!