Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Alli's Wobbly Woopsy

We're testing out a new feature on the blog. Can we upload a video?!?! I was "resting" with Paige at nap time (AKA - I fell asleep on her floor). I heard all this banging around and went to investigate. Alli had changed into a "fancy" outfit and put a CD in the CD player. She was spinning, dancing, jumping, and singing along. It was pretty cute, so I offered to video her doing the song. She chose "Wobbly Woopsy."

Oh, and I overheard Paige and Grant talking in the van. Grant was talking about a new friend he has, named Tyler, who has carrot-orange hair. Paige piped up, "Oh, I have a Tyler too. My Tyler is brown." (meaning he has brown hair). I thought it was funny. Enjoy.

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