Saturday, November 1, 2008

Where Do I Sign?

Last Monday my husband got a job offer for his one-day-per-week clinic job. It was a piece to a puzzle we'd been praying about for months. The compensation packet blew us away and was above and beyond anything we had imagined God would provide. We spend the day marveling in the goodness of God's generosity and soaking in His love for us.

On Tuesday, I drove past Big Blue, a home we'd been praying a lot about. It was a builder-0wned home, had never been occupied, and had been sitting finished for a year and a half. It was WAY out of our price range, but we'd walked through it anyway and fell in love with it. It had everything on our need/want/desire list plus a bunch of extra stuff we never even dreamed to put on the list. A week before Curt got the job offer, we made a super low offer on Big Blue and the builder said no. We felt peace to keep waiting, but my heart sunk when I saw that the builder was moving all the storage out of the garage and that a paint crew was busy transforming the exterior of the home from robin-egg blue to a nice, warm gray.

I panicked, called my husband, and we had a serious discussion about Big Blue that night. As we prayed, we realized that this home would be great for our family now and as the kids get older and need more independence because the entire upstairs is kid haven: a bonus room, loft, 3 bedrooms and two full bathrooms for our three daughters and one son. The main level was laid out perfect for entertaining and we envisioned house churches, football parties, Christmases and family gatherings, and plenty of space to comfortably accommodate over-night guests. We decided that we would make a move to buy this house, sooner rather than later.

The next morning, Curt hopped a plane to Savannah, Georgia, for a week-long conference, and our realtor contacted the principal broker for the builder. The following hours and days were a blur of activity. The builder wanted to know our top price point and we wanted to know their bottom line lowest. Our realtor handled negotiations with professionalism and ease and when she came back with the builder's offer, I almost fell off my chair. They had agreed to sell the home to us basically at cost and the price fell right into our budget, but the deal was only good until the end of their fiscal year, which was 3 days later! They felt we were doing each other a favor. They gave us a "screaming deal" and we took a house off their hands that God had been saving for us for a year and a half while the builder paid upkeep, taxes, and continued to add perks to attract buyers.

It was difficult for Curt and I to find time to make such a big decision so quickly, given the three hour time difference and his packed schedule, but when we finally connected, we decided to move forward with purchasing the home and we did the happy dance together over the phone! On Thursday, I signed the contract to buy Big Blue and after all the paperwork was completed and I had signed our life as we know it away, we drove over to the home. The sales rep gave me the honor of slapping the big red SOLD sticker over the "AVAILABLE" spot on the FOR SALE sign!

I wandered around this home, that was above and beyond my expectations, and felt so humbled that God chose to bless us like this. I drifted into the back yard and looked up at the only house that can look directly into our yard. A sage green home with burgundy trim, also known to our family as the Mother Ship. It was the first home I had fallen in love with in Oregon and I had shed tears in and over the home! I tried to tamper with God's timing and force His hand to make that home ours. When He said no, I threw a major temper tantrum and told God that I didn't think He was smart enough to understood my desires or the giftings He had given us, because if He did, He'd give me that home. It was an ugly moment in my life.

I turned to gaze on the home God had been saving and preparing for us for over a year, then glanced back at the Mother Ship as my eyes filled with tears of gratitude. I'm glad God chose to create a monument in my back yard, honoring His heart of patience as He drug me, kicking and screaming, into a time of stretching, training, discipline, and spiritual growth.

We'll get the keys to Big Blue on November 21st, just in time to celebrate Thanksgiving in our new home and I won't have to look far to find a laundry list of things I'm thankful for.

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  1. I've been going back to reread your posts regarding your search for a new home. I am feeling very much like my faith is being tested in our process of selling, and hoping that our desired house to buy doesn't get taken away from us before we can make an offer. Reading about the Mother Ship, and Big Blue has really helped me to let go and let God. Thank you Jodi!