Sunday, October 19, 2008

Make an Offer

Four weeks ago I walked through a new neighborhood on the north side of Newberg with a sales representative from the community. I gave her our price range and she showed me four homes, all builder owned, and only one fell into our realistic price range. There was one home in particular that I really liked, once I got past the robin-egg blue exterior. (Who paints a new home robin-egg blue?) I told Curt all about the house and then we decided that even though we liked these homes, we should put our house hunting on hiatus for a few months. I called the sales rep back, told her our new timeline and she said she'd be in touch.

On Wednesday of last week, she apologetically called me and said, "I want to respect your time line, but I wanted you to know that the blue house just dropped another $40K in price. The builder is desperate to move this home to a buyer. I didn't want you to miss out on this great deal if you and your husband really think you could make a home here. Did you want to bring him by to look at it?" She went on to say that the builder was also paying big portions of closing costs and buying down interest rates as added incentives, but only for a limited time.

We decided it would be worth moving our time line up, if indeed the builder was really desperate. Thursday night we met at Big Blue and walked through it with our realtor. We all loved it - the interior was super spacious, laid out smart, nicely upgraded and perfect for our family. The back yard was a decent size by new construction standards and was big enough to put a swing set in. It was fenced and landscaped and the home came loaded with all new appliances, including washer/dryer (oh, manna from heaven) and blinds on all the windows. The sales rep repeated emphatically, "The builder is DESPERATE to move this home to a buyer. Make an offer. ANY offer." I asked her if she'd be insulted by a ridiculously low offer and she reiterated again, "MAKE AN OFFER."

We went home and neither of us could sleep. Curt was reading his Bible and came across Psalm 16:5-6, "LORD, you have assigned me my portion and my cup; you have made my lot secure. The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; surly I have a delightful inheritance." We both pondered it in light of Big Blue and prayerfully asked God, "Is Big Blue the lot you want to make secure for us? Will the boundary lines of our home fall in the pleasant places on Lot 122 in The Greens?" We mulled it over all day Friday and after much prayer and conversation, decided to make an offer that was so ridiculously low, it was almost embarrassing. We provided the builder with the exciting opportunity to sell their home to us at 46% off the original price from two years ago. Can't you see why they'd want to jump on that offer?

Saturday morning we got our CLEAR answer. The builder came back with a full-price offer. Clearly, they were not as desperate as our sales rep thought. We were both disappointed, but in a good way. We know that if this is the house God wants for us, He'll let it sit there and not bring another buyer. And we know that in His perfect time, we'll make an offer, maybe even on Big Blue, and the answer will be yes.

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