Friday, August 1, 2008

Swimming Lessons

Our kids have always loved water. They never want to get out of the bath tub and if there's a lake, a stream, a pool, an ocean - they're in it. But we've never given them swimming lessons. One of those things that makes it on the To Do List, but never gets farther than that. I am not a good swimmer and I hate that I have a fear of the water. I don't want that for my kids, so we finally enrolled them in swimming lessons at the local pool when we moved to Newberg. All three of them THINK they can swim, but none of them really can, so we enrolled them in the beginner class for their age group which met for 2 weeks in 30 minutes sessions.

Alli was hilarious because most of the kids in her class didn't want to get their hair wet and she was diving under water and staying under for 10 seconds at a time before popping up. All the moms were laughing at her insane craziness and lack of fear. Grant and Katie were both doing really well too.

Today was their last day of classes and at the end of class, they each got a detailed report card listing out the prerequisites for passing to the next class and their progress was indicated for each expectation. Grant's teacher was clearly conflicted about passing him to the next level or making him repeat. He had originally marked that Grant met all requirements and put a level 2 on the sheet, then he changed it back to level 1 and marked off that Grant still needed to work on his back stroke. Grant, being the son of Jodi Stilp, who is unfortunately really competitive against myself, was all upset, and wanted to know if he could go back and have a re-do and demonstrate that he could, indeed, do the back stroke for 1/2 the width of the pool. To pacify him, I called the pool and explained the dire situation to the oh-so-nice lady who is in charge. She asked me how old he was and how many times he'd taken the class. I said, "seven and this is the first swim lesson he's ever had." She started laughing her head off and said, "well he should be really proud of himself then. It usually takes most 7 year olds a minimum of 3 tries to pass level 1. I can't believe he did that well on his first try." When I told my little overachiever the detailed update, he felt a little bit better about his accomplishment.

Katie completed about 1/2 of the requirements to pass level one, so she was recommended to repeat the class, but I don't think she even glanced at her report card or cared. She just wanted to know when we were going to re-enroll and which friends from her class were going to be there for her to socialize with!

Alli, no surprise, passed level 1 on her first try, even though she couldn't get her head wet for the last two days. She has a swimmers ear infection and it doesn't seem to be getting better. She has been MISERABLE for the last 3 days.

I'm inspired and think I'm going to sign up for adult swim lessons and learn to be comfortable in the water and actually swim for exercise. I'm thinking of training for a triathlon, so I guess I better learn to swim first!

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