Friday, August 1, 2008


Those who know me well, know that way back when, in my early days of marriage and parenting, we had a dog, named Abby, and the whole "dog owning" scenario was a disaster from the get-go. It was a learning experience though and I knew we'd get a dog again, some day, when we were more prepared and had realistic expectations. Our kids have been pestering me for a dog for the past two years and I kept saying, "If our yard is fenced when we move to Oregon, we can talk about it." Well, the first thing they said, when they saw our rental house was "it has a fenced yard. When can we get the dog?" Four weeks later, we adopted Springcreek's Stardust, or Dusty. She is a labradoodle and we are a guardian family for Springcreek, a well-known labradoodle and goldendoodle breeder in Oregon. Dusty is marked to be used for breeding but the Sundholm's don't believe in kennel-raising their dogs, so we got to adopt Dusty. We'll take her to vet appointments for health-testing, and if she passes the health tests, we'll contract with the breeder for 3 litters of puppies. When Dusty has fulfilled her obligation to Springcreek Labradoodles, they'll spay her and she'll be officially "retired." (all this fancy dog-lingo cracks me up). She is THE BEST puppy ever. Doesn't shed, is smart, adorable and really good with the kids. Never thought I could think a dog was so great!

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