Sunday, August 3, 2008

Curt's Olympic Tri

In spite of having the stomach flu for 36 hours before the race, my husband, Curt, ROCKED an Olympic distance triathlon this morning. He swam .9 miles, biked 28 miles and ran 6.4 miles in 2 hours and 55 minutes. His friend, James Speidel, competed with him and they finished with 5 minutes of each other.

My friend, Laura, "only" brought 2 of her 4 kids to the park, so we schlepped 6 kids around this ginormous park in Gresham, stopping at play structures along the course and cheering our men on. We saw a girl with GREAT hair that Laura wanted to copy, so we posed Laura in front of her for pretend pictures and snuck some great candids of the girl. We also made a 65 year old man's day by mistaking him for Curt from a distance, so we sent all the kids screaming "Go Daddy Go" down the path at him. By the time he reached Laura and I, we were all laughing our heads off!

I am officially inspired to learn to swim. Laura and I decided that next year we'll do the "girl power" Olympic tri at this park. So I guess I have to get with the program and get a bike and learn to swim. What a fun day!

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